Projects we work on

Below you find different entries throughout the website that outline ideas for projects and concrete things we work on. If you are connected somehow, feel free to add a story on some type of social project that you work on, want to inform people about or whatever.

Trust roots

Hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travellers.

From Thursday to Sunday

It's almost spring, so time for some events! This Sunday and for the upcoming months: every 2nd and 4rd Sunday of the months casa will be open all afternoon for tea, bread-making & soup. Come early enough in the afternoon to learn how to make bread (based on sourdough), or at any other time to enjoy tea, a sunny balcony and great conversations.

Bring along your sense of humor, organic wheat flour or soja-flour, (ingredients for) bread-spreads and or veggies to cook soup with. Tea, bread-making skills, good company and space provided by the house. Bring along friends and people you think we should meet.

Postal Book Project

Howdy Folks,

So, Charlie and I have begun a new project - one that has been on the radar a while but that is finally getting set down.

We are writing a book about Post.

As you probably know, we LOVE letters. We love writing them, receiving them, and everything about them. So - we are writing a book about postal systems around the world. Letters, Stamps, Post Offices, all that stuff. One of the parts of the book is a little trial, to test the quality of International Postal Systems. We want to know how reliable the post offices are in places like Mongolia, Indonesia, or Pakistan.


An idea in my mind for 3 years : building up a wooden raft, rafting down the Danube from source to delta.
Well this morning I woke up willing to make this idea concrete. Each year at first buds, first rays of sun, East and Balkans are calling me deep inside, and I find myself each time following the meandering river, dreaming : what if i followed it to the end?
But it just sounds senseless alone. I'm a lonesome walker, biker, dreamer, but I want to be a social sailer! Yep.

New nomad base in France (Lyon): Casa bonita

I was delaying the post to the time I had a functional community website. It is now the case so here it goes:

To those of you that didn't know, there is a nomad base in Lyon at Julien and Elsy's place. It is quite different from CasaRobino due to various factors, but hopefully you'll feel right at home if you come.

After much debate, we called it "Casa Bonita" that has quite some cultural significance to us that outbalance the fact that all the non-hyphenated domains for it were taken and it sounds just too much like "CasaRobino".


Random Roads News

Thanks to more than 20 contributors, a lot of great content has recently been added to the Random Roads Magazine, and a lot more is yet to come. And, what's more: Soon, all this great content will be available in a yet to be released printed edition, that will end up hitchhiking across many different places.

Existential Risk Reduction

If you are already familiar with the term "existential risk," and are interested in the field, we should talk. If not, check out what I have to say about it here, and if you are (even a little bit) interested, we should talk.

Moving onwards and developing

Dear Casa and all it's affiliates, facilitators and associates,

It has been a while and I have had very little time to play; how ever many of you have been kind enough to visit berlin and also writing me.

Never the less the reason I write to you is that something great might happen next year and that is the first community house in Dublin (at least to my knowledge, please correct me?) and I would like to invite you for contributions on:

Community asa projects, member integration, input

We're coming up with shitbuckets full of projects, only, we don't know the physical reality of to make them concrete, how to turn ideas into substance..

Here is what we have -

Baking / making-
Peanut Butter Cookies,
Chai Balms,
How do we sell? How easy is it to get a market stall? Can we sell dumpstered stuff? To organic shops? Restaurants? Hotels? Any other ideas?

Workshop space? We find SO much furniture on the streets, and some are near perfect. Heather has done this before in Montreal and just sold them in that workable here?