Postal Book Project

Howdy Folks,

So, Charlie and I have begun a new project - one that has been on the radar a while but that is finally getting set down.

We are writing a book about Post.

As you probably know, we LOVE letters. We love writing them, receiving them, and everything about them. So - we are writing a book about postal systems around the world. Letters, Stamps, Post Offices, all that stuff. One of the parts of the book is a little trial, to test the quality of International Postal Systems. We want to know how reliable the post offices are in places like Mongolia, Indonesia, or Pakistan.

Free Tea and Post

Just made it to Madison, after a journey down the west coast in the Free Tea Bus, Edna. My friend Guisepi serves free tea out of his school bus wherever he happens to be, and lives in it too. We decided to combine powers and do free tea and letter writing. Had some great participation, everyone writing letters and sipping hot liquids on winter evenings in Washington, Oregon and California. Lots of fun!

More stories and photos on Check out his website, it's beautiful :)

Love to you alllll!!!!


Lightfoot Photo Finally

lightning strikes the postman :)
What about a map with post boxes on city level (like on hitchwiki... :) and some more structured information?
I have no time for that in the foreseeable future.. :/ Anyone else?

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Lightfoot Deliveries

Cycling around paris, one corner to the other, Charlie and I had important business to take care of... a lightfoot letter each in need of delivery.
Both Lukas' words and Mattieu's delightful little box of matches found their rightful owners, but we're still relunctant to call it a complete success...

Lightfoot Lessons

Ok, so there's a bit of info missing from the first post, and we're all so keen to get these letters on the road... so here is a little more info on ideas:

For now (as far as im aware) there is only one Lightfoot Sustainable Post Box, and thats at the casa.

- Make Your Own Box:
The ideal here is to have as many boxes in as many places as possible. If you would love to share your home/space and open it up as a Lightfoot Centre, that is one of the best ways you can help. Design a box, deck it out with the logo, and get all your friends to start writing!

why letters are better than email