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Hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travellers.


I just set up CloudFlare on this site. This will hopefully speed up things and block spammers. That's what CloudFlare's supposed to do. Let me know if there's any weirdness.

New nomad base in France (Lyon): Casa bonita

I was delaying the post to the time I had a functional community website. It is now the case so here it goes:

To those of you that didn't know, there is a nomad base in Lyon at Julien and Elsy's place. It is quite different from CasaRobino due to various factors, but hopefully you'll feel right at home if you come.

After much debate, we called it "Casa Bonita" that has quite some cultural significance to us that outbalance the fact that all the non-hyphenated domains for it were taken and it sounds just too much like "CasaRobino".


new activity stream features

Since it was winter again, I started reading more and then I found out we actually didn't have an activity stream item for books that you've read.

Now we do. I added Good Reads to the list, as well as other sources of your (online) activity such as Identica (microblogging), Foursquare, Ravelry (for knitting!) and, in addition to the ones we already had such as twitter, flickr, any rss-feed, delicious, etc.

To change your settings and add your stream, login and click here.

Zula wall

A lot of work has been done recently on the website, the style changed, the colors, and some other stuff. Now I am working on the way we handle images, using imagefield and imagecache.

lightning strikes the postman :)
What about a map with post boxes on city level (like on hitchwiki... :) and some more structured information?
I have no time for that in the foreseeable future.. :/ Anyone else?

protest against bad design

Am I the only one who really hates the new skin and finds the website furthermore un-usable because the new skin is so horribly ugly?

Please help. Give an option for something a bit more beautiful & aesthetic. The old skin was glorious. Or Robino's specialized skin that he once had with the brown kinda cardboardish feel.

Help. Please. I need a window to breathe.

new theme and all that

We have a new theme online! It was available already for a while for all who are registered but today Kasper put it online out of pragmacy (there was a bug with the other making it impossible to view the webpage at all). Also, I remade the image page so finally we solved one of the other bugs, go here to view 15 random photos.

So shout what you don't like about the new theme or give your appreciation if you feel happy with it.

for your eyes only

there sometimes might be a need to only show certain stories to authenticated users only, so here we go. you can only see this node, when logged in as an authenticated user... When you add a node, below you will find the option of "view/Edit Permissions", where you can also state who is allowed to see your node and/or edit.

With this function we can now also ditch the wiki we had and put all the documents as a normal page where only authenticated users can edit... In other words, you can edit this specific post!

Current Hosts Block

There is a current hosts block on the right hand side of the page (if you are logged in). This lets you add yourself as a host, or remove yourself when you leave. Just click the link under the pictures to change your hosting status.