new theme and all that

We have a new theme online! It was available already for a while for all who are registered but today Kasper put it online out of pragmacy (there was a bug with the other making it impossible to view the webpage at all). Also, I remade the image page so finally we solved one of the other bugs, go here to view 15 random photos.

So shout what you don't like about the new theme or give your appreciation if you feel happy with it.

There are also some bugs still in this system, most notable with pictures, look for example at the recipes-page and scroll down. I am sure this will be resolved soonish though...

Ah, and tomorrow we have our 'casa-birthday'. I am preparing my speech, hope you get yours ready for thursday night dinner :)


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C'mon now!

Aren't there any capable graphical designers among the casa-ists, to cater for the needs of the more visually demanding?

Don't get me wrong, I love y'all techie types for upgrading the themes & taking care of shit that breaks. But after a year, it would be nice to give the site a bit more finished touch, something more than a boring boilerplate theme who knows how many others out there are using.

I'm not an expert on Drupal theming by any means, but having customized one design for a project with some of you, I think I *should* be able to work with a designer to customize/create nice(r) theme for the Casa.

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we can easily play with the colors and the background... suggestions?

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suggestion box

from a design perspective,
on the new skin:
1. the bar (coloum) on the right side with hosts and stuff looks good! :)
2. the top bar with links (share chat forum friendfeed......) looks fine. we could tweak the color, though, and i can help with that.

1. the font setting is too small to read. it hurts the eyes.
2. the smoke at the top is.. unnecessary. the changing banners we had before were more relevant and welcoming.
3. what's with the red collar logo? suddenly we're "workers"? and dark red and dark blue don't mix well in this case, either, which brings to colour scheme....
4. the old skin had a clean & fresh warm feel. the new skin is based in cold tones that are heavy and clunky. from 90s webdesign. it feels out-dated instead of simple and modern.
5. the " quotes icon when you comment seems redundant and unneeded. plus it doesn't "fit" the feeling of the top bar.

1. larger font size within stories.
2. NO DARK BLUE as a main color (as an "accent color" it could be ok).
NO GREY in the story backgrounds. white is cleaner.
3. Rotating image banner (like we had before). Remember that TenKatestraat banner, for example, WAS GORGEOUS! i'll even post a screenshot so you can see for yourself.
4. If we're going to have an icon, it should match the color scheme. And it shouldn't be corporate-looking. The circle from before was cool.

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I also thought it was too

I also thought it was too dark. And I like the random pics of the other theme.
Maybe we can fix nitobe?

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Hmm, I tried fixing Nitobe,

Hmm, I tried fixing Nitobe, but just when I fix one thing another unrelated issue popped up. I could downgrade it again, but I guess there was a new release for a reason.

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It's a bit dark for me too!

It's a bit dark for me too! doesn't look as warm and welcoming as the casa...

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ok, maybe I'm conservative and I am not ready for big changes, but please, gimme back the readability of the white background!

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I am scared!

I am scared!

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still tweaking a few things in the theme

A bunch of things from the new theme got lost when we moved servers, ive added the top block again and rejigged a few things but there are still a couple of bugs here and there.

Hope to be back for tomorrows dinner, happy birthday casa :)

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I like it very much!