A free hug never comes too late

That was fun to see good old Wren again.

Can't start early enough

If you ain't doing it with pleasure, why clean?


Hello everyone!
A friend forwarded me this video, and it made me think of old Casarobino times. WHERE ARE YOU A LOCAL?


By the way I'm very local in north west Italy so if you pass by Torino drop me a line.

Much Love,

Bibi on the Road

Yo. That was fun. Baby's on the road. Coming for a visit. Great playing. Not even fighting. There were enough cars to play with :-)

Read the story and more bibi adverntures on the road at http://bibiontheroad.net/

Trust roots

Hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travellers.


As if nothing changed ...

Well... we got a new couch, but life is just as insane with one small child as with a whole bunch of travelers. Kitten is o.k. with it though.

Volunteers Base

Volunteers Base

Hi Casa! I've recently put online this free alternative to sites like wwoof, helpx, workaway, etc
Any suggestion is welcome! Hope you can share it with friends and promote in any imaginable way :)


We found kitten! ...

You all know how hard it used to be to leave the casa.. but even us, we finally managed! After two years of not leaving the house to travel, we finally left with baby and all to Mexico. Here we are for at least half a year.

Much to our surprise though we met up with kitten just today. We went to see a friend in their house here in San Cristobal de las Casas and there she was! In full glory, kitten's much less evil twin sister.. haha.

Mensen van nu

Nice dutch documentary about a new generation in Holland with Robin in one of the main roles, in dutch though.


Good article to put our feet back on the ground (because I like to see things from multiple perceptions): http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/11187/Martijn-Simons/article/detail/35254...