As if nothing changed ...

Well... we got a new couch, but life is just as insane with one small child as with a whole bunch of travelers. Kitten is o.k. with it though.

We found kitten! ...

You all know how hard it used to be to leave the casa.. but even us, we finally managed! After two years of not leaving the house to travel, we finally left with baby and all to Mexico. Here we are for at least half a year.

Much to our surprise though we met up with kitten just today. We went to see a friend in their house here in San Cristobal de las Casas and there she was! In full glory, kitten's much less evil twin sister.. haha.

Everybody Loves Me

Miaaauw. What a silence here on the website. Well in the casa it's all loud. There is this baby here that just keeps on screaming from being so excited about life. And guess what?! All the attention goes to him. Prrrr. Well I guess it is natural. It is a little human you know and not a bird and one day I can also get cuddles from him... Prrrrrrr.

Finding yourself

Hi everybody! Hope you`re having great adventures, wherever in the world you are :) Speaking of which..there is a new functionality on the casa site where you can update your current location and see where other casa people are in the world! ...

Casa Update. Pindakaas with Sambal.

Accompanied by sun, I enjoyed great days in Den Haag this week. I am involved in a project about reinventing space which focuses around dumpster diving and community (kind of our speciality). Somewhat related but independent I will also give a talk about 'dropping out' (another speciality) next week in Amstedam, and I am writing lots of words that somehow are turned into sentences but sometimes they don't - and they still make sense!

Bring tea!

We are slowly running out of our tea-supplies. We have numerous beautiful jars with special tea-labels, and a whole empty shelf for these tea-pots. So if you are coming by, and you're a tea-lover too, then you know what to do :)

Don't eat cigarettes!

I promise not to pee outside my litter boxes if everyone helps to clean them for me

As cute as I am, when I have to pee on peoples beds and on the couch and pillows and matresses it's not so cute. After much experimentation I've finally been retrained, and so far so good. For the last week I made sure this was followed through and have stopped using the slagroom and started using my litter boxes...

Declaration of Love

Declaration of Love

Never have I really lived with an animal so closely and with so much love as with our kitten, aka "salami, fuck off and die". With her around it is easy to get sentimental.

Kitten: Everything Is Just Fine

It was a difficult day and a tough decision but we went ahead with it. Kitten was to be spayed, she was to have an operation to have her ovaries and uterus removed. Harsh as it is, it was the best thing to do as far we were able to judge.