Bring tea!

We are slowly running out of our tea-supplies. We have numerous beautiful jars with special tea-labels, and a whole empty shelf for these tea-pots. So if you are coming by, and you're a tea-lover too, then you know what to do :)

We are happy with all sorts of tea, but mostly appreciate teas that don't come in a little tea-bag. If you're looking for some inspiration, you can find a really nice tea-shop at Albert Cuyp market close to restaurant Bazar, with all sorts of tea inside the place, behind the counter, like Good Humeur, Himalaya, and all sorts of other spicy, sweet, herbal teas.


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will bring some good stuff

is there any free room for 2 people next week? :)

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Free tea!

We will bring a shit-ton of tea if you let us stay!

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a shit-ton?

hey, we dont take bribes here! either give us half of Asia or nothing at all! hun, if you would like to stay, i suggest you change your host request dates.

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well, i've realised how broke

well, i've realised how broke i am and i have to work if i want to go that chef school. so i won't be able to bring tea accompany of myself. life is itchy these days.

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Hehehe! I was thinking about


I was thinking about turkish coffee but if it's tea I'll put a big pack in my backpack too


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Oh yeah, make that a big back

Oh yeah, make that a big bag :) Would be wonderful. Congrats on the visum, what are your ideas/plans/wishes?

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Is this a challenge?

Is this a challenge?

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yeah - a nice and big

yeah - a nice and big challenge for everyone but especially Jass :) We recently received nice teas from Lyon, but so far we almost only have the earl grey left. A very nice one though... but who knows it is still here when you are - with the cold outside we drink liters of it each day :)