Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste

Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste... open to contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

vegan istanbul guide

Hello dear all!

I'm a vegan since january. Yaaaayy, who'd believe! Anyways, to make life little bit easier for fellow vegans visiting Istanbul, I wrote a post. To show them that they wouldn't starve in here. Please spread the word and feel free to comment to make the entry evolve.
Hugs mugs from humid Istanbul

Dumpster Diving for a Doctorate on Fox-News

A hilariously conservative-U.S.American broadcast about a PhD candidate studying dumpster-diving.

I'd offer fusion (Italian+Chinese) food for a sleeping surface.

Finally arriving in Amsterdam last night in one piece. Found a super lovely host deep in the west hood, but she's leaving on Sunday, so I'll be out on the street July 31 - Aug 1: 2 nights. The second host just told me he's stuck in Paris and won't be back in time to open the door. Oh the door to a warm, dry, safe shelter...

What could happen? Worst come to worst I can see if the boathouse people would take me in? :\

But here's a thought. I'd really love to do something for the casa in exchange of your stories. I can cook a kick ass risotto, you know?

From Thursday to Sunday

It's almost spring, so time for some events! This Sunday and for the upcoming months: every 2nd and 4rd Sunday of the months casa will be open all afternoon for tea, bread-making & soup. Come early enough in the afternoon to learn how to make bread (based on sourdough), or at any other time to enjoy tea, a sunny balcony and great conversations.

Bring along your sense of humor, organic wheat flour or soja-flour, (ingredients for) bread-spreads and or veggies to cook soup with. Tea, bread-making skills, good company and space provided by the house. Bring along friends and people you think we should meet.

Radical ways of living in Eastern Europe, Food Not Bombs and the politics of starving,

We've talked about this a lot and I wish I could have started one in A'dam with you all..hopefully will be beginning a new chapter in Sofia, Bulgaria..
BUT I found this that may be of interest to you all -

There seems to be many groups.
Will try to begin one here but fear that it will be extremely difficult. But many things of worth have this quality. Voila.

But more..I wanted to ask all of you for your thoughts ..
It's incredibly difficult to skip dive here. The gypsies and elderly get everything in an instant.

The History of Carrot

There is no better conversation one could have at the dinner table than one about the very food one is eating, I think. Yesterday at Casa I had this confirmed, as we slowly drifted onto the problem of the colour of carrots. The legend says the Dutch "invented" the yellow carrot, some claimed it was white, some purple. So what are we laymen to believe?

Everything You Thought Was a Lie

So you thought dumpster diving is sustainable? Think again.

People tend to never have enough and hunt for such enormous amounts that we can't eat it all. We sometimes have to throw out twice as much as what we can eat.

This must end. Not only because we hurt our backs so much when having to bring all that food up the stairs and down again into the bin. But more importantly: we are wasting so much energy!

Pancake Sunday

Pancake Sunday

Skip Diving Expedition Tomorrow (Saturday)?

Kind Ragamuffins,
As bicycle taxi work seems to take an eternity to begin, I would like to propose a skip diving day tomorrow (saturday 5th march) before my restless feet begin to burn holes in the ground..and I have a new new it scares me..a foolish decision, but a bike nonetheless..