Pick Up A Hitchhiker Today,

Can we manipulate this image to show 'pick up a hiitchhiker today' instead?

Car sharing,

Car sharing,

Can we change this to 'pick up a hitchhiker today'? Mark, photoshop?

Skip Diving Expedition Tomorrow (Saturday)?

Kind Ragamuffins,
As bicycle taxi work seems to take an eternity to begin, I would like to propose a skip diving day tomorrow (saturday 5th march) before my restless feet begin to burn holes in the ground..and I have a new new it scares me..a foolish decision, but a bike nonetheless..


I came across this website:

I thought I had to share it... :)

Existential Risk Reduction

If you are already familiar with the term "existential risk," and are interested in the field, we should talk. If not, check out what I have to say about it here, and if you are (even a little bit) interested, we should talk.

How Food Shapes our Cities

Also a great article on planet green about 50 ways to Never Waste Food Again

Garbage Warrior

Guess this one slipped through the Chinese censorship:

Also, there might be a need for Alison's law skills in the future :D

What do you mean, sustainability?

I am trying to compile a list of views on sustainability, and have come to conclusion that it means many things to many people. Wonder if it would be worth interrogating the casa and see what comes out. Can also use my new etherpad

A bicycle ride to a Sustainable organic squatted farm

De SpruitjesDe Spruitjes

13:35 06.08.09
Just back from a bicycle trip to the village of Harmelen, near Utrecht, about 40k south of Amsterdam. 24 hours ago, Kasper and I left, unbeknownst to us, for a marathon bicycle ride. What, do you ask, was so interesting in the quaint village of Harmelen, to entice such a journey.

Hitch for global cooling in Finland

Feeling sort of guilty about a recent trip up north, shamelessly flying around like there's no worry of tomorrow. I guess that's just the house affecting me a little bit with ideology and all the casa-connected hitch-hikers awe-strucking my old comfort-craving bones.

Just some examples:
* Slovenia - Amsterdam: 2 days (Aris & Urshka)
* Estonia - Amsterdam: 4 days? (Kadri)
* Morocco Marrakech - Amsterdam: 3 days? 3.5 days(Amylin)
* Amsterdam - Avignon: 11h? 13h30 (Lena)