Hitch for global cooling in Finland

Feeling sort of guilty about a recent trip up north, shamelessly flying around like there's no worry of tomorrow. I guess that's just the house affecting me a little bit with ideology and all the casa-connected hitch-hikers awe-strucking my old comfort-craving bones.

Just some examples:
* Slovenia - Amsterdam: 2 days (Aris & Urshka)
* Estonia - Amsterdam: 4 days? (Kadri)
* Morocco Marrakech - Amsterdam: 3 days? 3.5 days(Amylin)
* Amsterdam - Avignon: 11h? 13h30 (Lena)
* Rotterdam - Helsinki: 4 days (Walter)

So next time I'm headed up north (to finalize my driver's license, of all things :-o) I'm seriously considering hitching it. And why not with a mission to make it more fun - Finland's skiing holidays are in grave danger so "Global Cooling for Finland" sign and some wintergear might raise an eyebrow or few on the summer-roads of Europe.

Food for thought? Anyone up for a roadtrip this summer?


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>> So I think it makes us reconsider the question:
>> why the house is vegetarian?
>> Meat sucks, we all know.
>> But is it because it has bad energy,
>> because it is bad for our bodies
>> or because we do not support animal exploitation?
YES YES YES YES (And we do not like the by-products of the meat industry, as well: massive wastes, added hormones/vaccines leaked into the ground water supply and earth, dangerous jobs for illegal immigrants, modern capitalism which re-sells you all of these things plastic-packed with expiration dates and price tags that make them somehow inaccessible and foreign-- far from knowing where the meat came from, in the first place).

>> But we also love cats and dogs, that cant be vegetarian.

I would also agree, although there are many people who fight this and try to make their pets vegan, spending a lot of money on supposed substitute foods/vitamins. I also agree that dried food is shit+drugs :( In some places, there are biologique animal dried foods, but I think that this is just some big marketing scheme, possibly.

In China, I met a couple who was traveling with their dog, and it seemed to also work very well for the 3 of them. The dog happily dumpster-dove, without anyone having to instruct him how to, all over the cities. Inside hotels and restaurants' kitchens, they would ask if there was anything being thrown away that could feed their dog. So many chefs were happy to oblige. Here in Amsterdam, those halal butcheries around maybe throw things away at the end of the day? Restaurants definitely throw away food, meat included, and it is already cooked, too. Also, in the Netherlands, we are led to believe that there are a lot of old-fashioned farms left, where animals are killed in the most humane fashion, but I find that there is not a lot of space for farms in this over-populated small country. I wonder what the case is on some of the farm-squats, which also keep animals. This would be something to look into...

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not morocco

but marrakech, as in southern morocco. if i were in tanger, it would have only taken 2 days flat! (but then there's this whole story of how i stayed the night in salé with this guy who knew my friend mounir... bla bla bla)

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it wasnt 11h, it was 13h30 :)

I always liked hitchhiking, though now I realised that hitching with my dog is uncomparably better. The thing is that he is growing fast, and as soon as he attains size of a small elephant, we will have to switch exclusively to trucks, or plains and boats.

But... Just a question...
Is CasaRobino dog friendly???

Happy hiking! we keep our fingers (and paws) crossed!

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Is CasaRobino dog friendly???

Is CasaRobino dog friendly???

I guess we have to find that out, don't we?

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definitely not

We don't have enough space. Dogs need space to run around, to shit, and to play. It's cruel to keep a dog in a small space where it won't get those needs met. Furthermore, dogs would make everything here much more messy than they should be... and then there's also the allergies problem...

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Dog friendly?

I think this is the same question than for babies, both have special needs that cannot be always met in Casarobino. The main question is space, a dog need his own space to fill secure, this is not always possible in Casarobino. At some point they also need a quiet surrounding witch is sometimes hard to find in Casarobino.

So to answer the question I would say it really depends of what's going on in casarobino.

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Dogs are carnivores

I think it depends also on a dog (or a baby).
If they get used to travelling, noice and changes since they are still young, they would not feel more unconfortable than we could during hard rave parties in CasaRobino.

Mine understood very quickly that I am his safety and protection (btw it is totally mutual feeling that we share) ;)

The question is rather concerning for example possible guests who might be alergic. So how to divide the space into dog entrable and dog free.

Or would it be permitted to feed the dog with meet? Also to cook meet for him?

These are just some hipothetical/ethical questions.
Kisses from the South,
Lena and Rasbalha

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ah, true

carnivores is another really bad point :( especially if it involves cooking meat with pots/pans that we all use

but i still think we should somehow have a backyard for your huge doggy to be happier here. and the fact is now that there is barely any unoccupied floor-space, so it then also depends on how many humans are around. the balcony "porch" is also not so big at all

i saw your photos of him (he looks adorable but enormous!), and it looks like he sheds a lot of hair, which could be a really problem, as it will stick to all surfaces, whether we want it to or not. i have sometimes allergies to animals; it really depends on the breed, though. i won't die, but my skin gets red and swollen, and sometimes my throat closes so i stop breathing. i was allergic to one of my cats once, but i loved him too much to give him away (until i started traveling), but because of the allergies, i was forced to dust and vacuum everything everyday. now, i know how people here really slack when it comes to cleaning @ the casa, and i just see a huge sweet hairy lovable dog leaving tons of mess to clean up after for weeks. as the seasons change, his winter coat will start to shed off, possibly in big clumps that the vacuums won't even be able to handle.

and we recently had some complaints from our downstairs neighbors about the level of noise from people walking around too loudly.

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golden middle

hmmm, are you sure you have seen my dog on pictures?
Mine has really short hair and deffinitely not enough for winter, so I have never seen him wasting it leaving it on the ground.

Also, he is not thet big. He still fits into the space in cars under my feet.

But it does not matter all, cos if sb is allergic, he can be also alergic to short hair dog.

Also, I dont feel like travelling with a pot to cook my dogs food. So there would be need to recycle one and keep it in the house for dog guests (as we are probably not the only animal guests).

The house I live was totally vegetarian (by rule, not a guideline). Even though there are 4cats, which eat only dry cat food. So first I was cooking for my dog at neighbors house. But then friends recycled big pot for us and we got permission to cook dog food in the house:) Cats are also really happy, cos they always get a bit of organic meat I recycle for my dog.

So I think it makes us reconsider the question: why the house is vegetarian? Meat sucks, we all know. But is it because it has bad energy, because it is bad for our bodies or because we do not support animal exploitation? But we also love cats and dogs, that cant be vegetarian.

And personally, I am against feeding my dog with dry dog food=shit&drugs. Anyway, Rasbalha doesnt really eat it.

My last reflexion is that now, we live all together, me and my dog. And we fight or ignore evil places where my friend is not welcomed. Surely Casa doesnt want to be on the list.

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24 hours trip to Helsinki!

I wouldn't mind doing it in 24 hours - but maybe there are others around who want to do it in a more slow pace :)

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beautiful photo!

beautiful photo! :)

correction: marrakech - amsterdam 3.5 days