- I am sorry
- Oh, you are sorry?
- yes.
- So why are you not in your jar?

— ze sorry jar

invalid argument

I am not giving you an argument, I am giving you an order!

— Gabi vs Computer


Ah, Bobby is a geek!
- yes he is an ubergeek
So why does he have a Mac?

— Gabi


This is not a haircut, this is a helmet for a sex machine
Well, that is what my sister told me.

— undefined


Look, she has 1454 friends on facebook!
-Wow, is that all of Iceland?

— Kat commenting on IceGirl

Jointathon paraphrased

"Will tattoos affect getting a job?"... looking up, "Wait, why would I get a job?"

Why is this funny?

noodles makes you happy.

— Superman

Where am I

Context: Waking up. Quote: "Wait. Is your phone still on Prague time? Fuuuuuck."

Ergo: Missed our bus to Amsterdam, bought a new ticket for tonight. We'll see you guys tomorrow!

— Michelle

My fucking life

overflow i guess

hmmm.... another overflow of the states???

— Wrenaqua

standing in the disco with 4 subjects