My dramatic goodbye/see ya later to Casa.

So in the overwhelming emotional tornado that hit me a few days before I left I forgot to leave my farewell to all of you in the book. I tried to explain how I felt to Robin Heather and Marc at the Vrouw but we were drunk of course, so I want to give everyone a proper thank you and goodbye message.Let's make it a dramatic goodbye why don't we. We all know how I love those... so here we go.

Casa Life (repost from

It is almost 4 AM and while reasonable people would be heading off to bed, this is a life style which inspires “unreasonable” behavior. Some vignettes:

A week in photos

Days come and go, weeks come and go, and so on. No day is the same, ever. In the past weeks we've had many wonderful people coming along and staying, and many great experiences. The photos are from Thursday to Thursday and the top 4 are by Tau

Thank you all for being who you are.

Coming Home

I just arrived on Monday evening at the Casa, around 9pm, having left London at 10 that morning. This is my third stint here, the last one being in February of 09. As i was coming through town from Centraal where i was dropped off, i had the strangest sensation of coming home. It surprised me at first, but i realized later that it shouldn't have, really - Casa was such a haven for me last year when i was in a very difficult and strange place personally.

just ring the doorbell and say @#$%^

In the five days time from the phone call to flight I had misplaced the paper with the address, me being an optimist said "no big deal everyone there probably knows what casa robino is I'll just ask someone when we arrive".

I came across this blog-post of Gary who apparently stayed with us last Summer (and took a plain for that purpose).

Casa Productions

Finally our wonderful september masterpiece. Hopefully many to follow!


My internship ends and so does my time in Amsterdam. Summing up for school and for myself I came up with quite a list of things that I've learnt here.
In my internship report, apart from all boring arty-farty stuff, there's also chapter about Amsterdam experience. Being thankful for this, I'll share it with you:

"In Amsterdam I have learned:

- to make bread, using and maintaining a sourdough.
- to do small repairs for my bicycle.
- to dumpster dive food and furniture.
- to cook vegan.
- to hitchhike alone.
- to share, to live in a community.

goodbye letter

Dear Casa Robino,
I left in rush, as I came and as I spend the time there...
not the pace that belongs to this place, unfortunately I didn't manage to keep up with the relaxed rhythm of the house...
I also didn't manage to write a goodbye letter before I left, therefore am doing it now.
Things are still going fast over here, but am finding a moment out of it to say thank you!

One year casa, it must be love.

Happy birthday casarobino! It is one year now that we have been able to keep up with you. You little weird house that nobody understands, house of punks hitchhiking through love, eclectic magical communal place! To give you something nice on this special day I prepared a silly speech for you. Please ... don't hate me for it.

- Si?
"Hello, is this casarobino?"
- Yes, how may I help you?
"Well, we would like to book a room for next month"
- Oh, I am so sorry, but we are completely overbooked!

Monday one year after

This day one year ago, I stepped on a plane up north, to be welcomed by what was then simply known as "Robin's place". This day one year ago trashwiki was imagined out of late night talks in what was simply called the "living room". And one year minus ten days ago Casa got a name, and a site.

One year after, what have I learnt? Lots. One year after, where am I going? Not sure, yet.