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Finally our wonderful september masterpiece. Hopefully many to follow!

where to drink, what?

Ok - so once I dumpstered beer together with Lili, but at night we don't always find the best location to actually sit somewhere and get some special beers. Though, a nice thread was started just recently on on the better places in the city to go out & have a special one. There are some good bars and places still missing, but it is getting pretty comprehensive already for a nice 'open'/free guide.

Brouwerij 't IJ for Beer!

If you enjoy beer as I do, a trip to Brouwerij 't IJ is worthwhile. Nitai and I were thinking of going to the Heineken Brewery, until Robino told us of this much more interesting, and Dutch, Brewery on the East side.

It took about 25min. to bike from the house.... very easy to find: Just head East, along the zoo, then look for the windmill.

If you want the tour of the brewery, you'll have to show up on Friday, otherwise, it's always good for a quality beer between 3pm and 8pm.