delete your profile

Sarah asked me if she is able to delete her profile. It is not that she doesn´t like us no more, it is just that she doesn't want to be present on internet any more.

So here it goes, deleting your profile is simply not an option at the moment with the system we are using. How much I would love to enable this, it is currently not available.

It will be though, as soon as we upgrade the site to the latest version of drupal. And of course, I can delete your profile, as well as some 5 other administrative users.

Pasta Madre, step by step

Making of Pasta Madre, with a bit of Nordic flavour

I finally got sick enough of the miserable bread situation of this country to start making my own. You can ask any Finn how bread should be like - most definitely not the white fluffy toasterslices, the only thing the poor Dutchies have available. So, off to natuurwinkel for some rye flour and to Casa to learn about Pasta Madre it was.

Recipe is a new content type on the site, to facilitate sharing food - more on that (plus making it all look pretty) a bit later... read further to find out how to make Pasta Madre!

Pasta Madre, step by step

Finding yourself

Hi everybody! Hope you`re having great adventures, wherever in the world you are :) Speaking of which..there is a new functionality on the casa site where you can update your current location and see where other casa people are in the world! ...

Casa Bike Locks

Casa bike locks are old and tricky. So far, though, every one I've tried has a trick to getting it open, quickly and reliably. Even if you've already read this, feel free to ask me or someone else who's read this or been shown these tricks - sometimes a personal demonstration helps, too. Enjoy:

There are two common tricky points that make casa locks confusing...

1) sometimes twisting the key doesn't actually "unlock" the lock (the key doesn't do anything unless you twist it in just the right way), and

I promise not to pee outside my litter boxes if everyone helps to clean them for me

As cute as I am, when I have to pee on peoples beds and on the couch and pillows and matresses it's not so cute. After much experimentation I've finally been retrained, and so far so good. For the last week I made sure this was followed through and have stopped using the slagroom and started using my litter boxes...

Casa Style Peer Pressure

Peer pressure refers to "the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms". How do we deal with this in Casa-culture?

We had a recent discussion inside and outside the house about sharing-culture and how people integrate in our shared culture. Are we on the right track?

Noise requests and nomadic hospitality

Somehow the amount of 'noise' requests is increasing. With this I refer to the general couchsurfers, people who are looking for a place to sleep and are not genuinely interested in living in a community like ours. You can read this from their profile for example and the lack of information they provide.

One year casa, it must be love.

Happy birthday casarobino! It is one year now that we have been able to keep up with you. You little weird house that nobody understands, house of punks hitchhiking through love, eclectic magical communal place! To give you something nice on this special day I prepared a silly speech for you. Please ... don't hate me for it.

- Si?
"Hello, is this casarobino?"
- Yes, how may I help you?
"Well, we would like to book a room for next month"
- Oh, I am so sorry, but we are completely overbooked!

Keeping PastaMadre alive

Through some e-mail conversations I learned that there is yet no pasta madre in the house. This is a sad thing, especially since it is not so hard to keep it alive. But I also understand myself better than before how to do this.

We used to keep it relatively liquid, and we tried to refresh it every other day. This is not necessary. Having traveled with pastamadre from the house for 7 weeks now, I discovered many new things.

trusted users

I just gave a bunch of people the role of trusted user. These are mostly active people and people who have been hosts. Like this, we can also post stories that are only viewable to people who are 'trusted'. You can then choose the viewing permissions of a story by editing the field 'view/edit' permissions under the body of the text.