I promise not to pee outside my litter boxes if everyone helps to clean them for me

I promise not to pee outside my litter boxes if everyone helps to clean them for me

As cute as I am, when I have to pee on peoples beds and on the couch and pillows and matresses it's not so cute. After much experimentation I've finally been retrained, and so far so good. For the last week I made sure this was followed through and have stopped using the slagroom and started using my litter boxes...

Cat's are very sensitive to smell, some more than others (I seem to be very sensitive), but the smell of a dirty kitty litter can really turn them off of using it. They like a clean litter box, where they can dig and bury their poo. They have sensitve paw pads, so large chunky litter is painful, unsented gravel and newspaper are not. They like privacy, so large amounts of people near the litter or people watching them will make them decide to pee somewhere else (usually the slagroom). If punished and put in their litter box when they do pee somewhere else, they will be frightened of the litter box and go pee somewhere else.

After many different types of kitty litter and trials and errors this is the method that seems to work for me:

-Everyday use the scoop to remove chunks of shit and pee (usually I'll pee on the newspaper shreds)

-Once a week the litter needs to be fully cleaned and sanitized:

*Remove all the litter
*Rise the box with hot water in the shower
*Put a small amount of baking soda and vinegar in the box and scrub
*Rise with hot water and dry with newspaper
*Put 2-3 layers of newspaper on the bottom
*Pour in a thick layer of unsented fine gravel, then mix in some finely shredded newspaper

If my litter boxes remain clean and not smelly i will use them and them only. Kitten pee on the beds is not good for anyones health (ask shaun for details....)