One year casa, it must be love.

Happy birthday casarobino! It is one year now that we have been able to keep up with you. You little weird house that nobody understands, house of punks hitchhiking through love, eclectic magical communal place! To give you something nice on this special day I prepared a silly speech for you. Please ... don't hate me for it.

- Si?
"Hello, is this casarobino?"
- Yes, how may I help you?
"Well, we would like to book a room for next month"
- Oh, I am so sorry, but we are completely overbooked!
"Really? Oh that is such a pity. Do you maybe know anything else that is available for us? I am coming with a friend."
- Hmmm, that depends. What are you looking for?
"Oh, something close to the center, and not too expensive...
- ...
"Ah, and something that offers the same kind of experience, of course"

Right. If you would ask me to tell one of the funniest things that happened to me in relation to 'casa' in the past year, it must be this phone-call that we received sometime early Summer. Of all things we expected, one year ago when Anu created the foundation of this website, it wasn't this... for sure.

One year after it is not easy though to sum up all the wonderful things what the casa did for so many people. And what beautiful things people did for the casa - and for all other people who were around and those yet to come. But ok, let's try to make a short list:

# it created beautiful connections between people and gave them a sense of belonging, in a way that comes close to how life should be (at least for us)
#it opened hundreds of eyes that it isn't so hard to create something that appeals to our imagination
#it makes everyone of us understand what it takes and what it creates to live together in highly dynamic temporary permament communities.

We also had our issues -thankfully- but also some unfortunate events in the past year. Let me mention the two most obvious:

#we had a robbery and lost several laptops, some other equipment and a bag with personal belongings
#we had a hearthful experience when we learned we would not be able to see Aris again.

But at the same time these events also brought us together stronger and created an even deeper sense of community. The mutual support that we gave each other during these events were extremely powerful and will-be-always-with-me... giving shape to who I am.

In the past year we have seen many amazing people passing through the house. They came to stay and host, they came to enjoy the open dinners on Thursday's, they came to dumpster dive, to cook, to share, to ride your bikes, to fix them, to enjoy life and... to be. But you know what's even the worse part? They keep on coming!

Some names? Meatbal (start with the best name), Zsuzsanna, Dumlovesyou (he really does), Dcarpano (don't trust him, he is maffia), martina (hope I will meet her too), Kardan (the-worst-hitching-trip-of-the-universe), Moises, Shaun-treehuggingfool, alishonshine, Guaka (mole), Sarah (she who lives in the water), Abbe (dancing girls), Valentina (fruits), Rene (fruitsalad), Xo (who?), realitygaps (seriously), mirto (light), Adancito (warmth!), stove (did I ever see you cook?), viking-pet (you got it), r3353 (come back!), zuphit (In the army!), lilylove (sailor!), hekeq, dennis collective (we love you all!), bholley (you are sure you want to stay?), pgalaxy, marieke (explorer), amylin (, narnua (is magical), caveman (aka Charlie the First, Caveman the Fourth), jeremie, monika, atopia (I don't believe in faith), lauralou (I never ask questions!), El Marcel (our own deportation case), Paxus (big nose), Sky, Kassia, Willow, Caroline (and the rest of the Tupelo family), Willow again, Dante (yes, Dante), Caroline (always inspired), Pastamadre (THANKS!), kitten (fuck off and die!), Lindsey and her mom (the smoking windowcleaner), Anca (shit, we let her go), Alex (big guy!), Neo (the one), the rem, gutuAter, Ramon*, Lousia (fresh from the dumpster!), Tofu (sorry, Topher), Nitai (to do a Nitai), Giorgio (give us a hug!), Hans (laugh), mārtiņš (I only eat meat), Ineke (cuty), Jaap (savior), giveaphuk, chicalote, leimac, the texel-family, sitarane (yes you are african) and many others (sorry for not mentioning you, it was getting a bit too boring).


And now for something really cheesy (oh yeah, we all gotta sing now):

[someone gets a guitar and starts playing 'give a little bit' in the background]

Give a little bit
Give a little bit of your love to me
Give a little bit
I'll give a little bit of my love to you
There's so much that we need to share
Send a smile and show you care.


Now's the time that we need to share
So find yourself, we're on our way back home

Going home...
Don't you need to feel at home?
Oh yeah, we gotta sing


To finish this off... before it really is getting painful.

Just recently I finally found out what "casarobino" actually means. The latter part does not refer to this fool who wrote this piece of lousy text but, as my Italian drivers were telling me on my most recent hitchhiking trip: "House of little things".

Well, Finally now I also can be happy with the name Anu and Kasper came up with, one year ago.

House of little things.

Thanks for
1. whatever.
2. never taking yourself seriously.
3. always letting go.



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Valentina makes me look like a Saul to Paul & Robino calls me a saviour?

and all that is going on is that I like to do the dishes in the Casa more than at my own place. which has worked quite well the past year. thank you!

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casa teaches

When I walked in,
it was freeze and cold outside,
wet and iced streets,
in the January of several months ago.

Then I got inspired and I learnt (from so many people and in so many different ways that I know I will miss something in the list):

- Rene is wikipedia. I learnt to say NO and to appreciate slowly cooked carrots;
- Anu is the Nordic Lady. I learnt that geeks rocks the world;
- Davide is my brother. I learnt to don't fear sharing love and hugging tight;
- Giorgio is a sweet bear. More hugs on the way and no malicious thoughts;
- Laura is my deep voice and my source of laugh. I learn to smile at myself and to dance crazy dolls dances;
-Adan is on his way. I learn everyone needs his own time;
- Charlie is the 2 wheels soul. I learn to believe in my dreams;
-Lily is love and goal. I learnt to do not give up;
-Marc is maths and infinite debates. I learnt I don't smoke as much as I though (in comparison);
-Kasper is genious and sharing. I learnt that everyone gives in his own way;
- Aisha is my wise muse. I learnt to believe in destiny;
- Alison walks barefoot. I learnt to trust in people and to keep my innocence inside;
-Shaun is a relaxed road. I learnt to let it go;
-Abbe is the dancer. I learn to count the toilet paper squares before wasting them;
-PastaMadre is bread. I learnt simple things can make people very happy;
- Stove is Rambo. I learnt extreme traveling and storytelling;
- Bobby is the right questions. I learnt to ponder mine;
- Jaap is the good boy. I learnt I can always change my life;
- Serpil is in my clothes. I learnt I am not alone;
-Kadri is the unnoticed support. I learnt to grandly help with subtle actions;
-Amylin is my sister and she is the reason why I came to casa. I learn to trust in myself and to believe that nothing is impossible;
-Robin is the things that he makes happen (doing nothing). I learnt to believe in the magic, not to think, and to love anarchy and its freedom.

Buon compleanno Casa delle piccole cose. Casa Robina.

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Happy Anniversary Casa

the site is all new, lots more stuff on? Anu at work?

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Viva la casa. I miss you, i

Viva la casa. I miss you, i count the casa as one of my homes and i think of you almost everyday - plotting my next trip to europe....

love all ways.

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The way it happened

is the only way it could have happened.

miss you all.