Finding yourself

Hi everybody! Hope you`re having great adventures, wherever in the world you are :) Speaking of which..there is a new functionality on the casa site where you can update your current location and see where other casa people are in the world! ...

To set your location, log in and click on "My account" on the menu bar at the very top of the page. Then click "Edit" on your profile menu. You`ll see a map lower down the page which you can play with to find you location as accurately as you wish. When you`re done, remember to save at the bottom of that page.

To see the user map, you have to be logged in and click on "User locations" on the menu bar at the very top of the page, or alternatively, click here

And in this way, we`ll always know where kitten is ;)

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Great user-map! What else can we do?

Great initiative Sma! I was thinking some more...

We could also use the module geo-user so that people would automatically appear on the map, based on their ip-address. There should be a way to create an opt-out for that in user-registration field, and then create a view with map, even with osm, open street map.

Let me know if you want to develop that Sma. We could also use this same feature for hitchgathering by the way, and show how people are hitching, from where and to where. But that may be a bit more complicated to do or just a great challenge ;)