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It is almost 4 AM and while reasonable people would be heading off to bed, this is a life style which inspires “unreasonable” behavior. Some vignettes:

thursday night dinner in istanbul

A few weeks before ever coming to Istanbul, I got a random e-mail from Mert there, who told me he had seen me dancing in Lily's dumpster-dive documentary, Skipping Waste.

freegan dinner istanbul

Trashwiki on Make Blog + cross pollination

Hey Casa Robino!

If you see a lot of edits sprout up on trashwiki, here's a possible reason:

If you haven't encountered makezine yet, check it out! It's a sweet resource for learning how to make stuff (like wind turbines)!


dessert: vegan fruit and nut cake, from the dumpster

fruit and nut cake

Crust: ground peanuts and linseeds mixed in a food processor then blended with vegan margarine.

Next layer: sliced and mashed very ripe and sweet mini-bananas

Next layer: apple pieces, clementine slices, and raisins

Topping: egg-replacer (to hold everything together), agave nectar (or honey), cinnamon

Dumpster Dive Log aka Trash-log

Paxus started making logs for the results of dumpster diving at Maybe now and then we can also put the results here in this forum-post. Today's entry in the trashlog was:

Neighboorhoud dumpstering

One of the favorite spots for the hosts in our house is the market in Ten Katestraat. It is a daily market relatively close by to the house, and there are nice big blue containers with lots of left-overs. These are great for digging. Since we come there often, we also have a lot of knowledge on this market. A special page on trashwiki has recently been added to share this knowledge.

Hitch to Trash and vice versa

Sometimes ideas are just to obvious to not happen. Trashwiki was created in the week that Hitchwiki reached 1000 articles (in its English language version). This week Trashwiki reached 100 articles and today we set up convenient links from Trashwiki to Hitchwiki and vice versa.

Freegan Flowers part II

Freegan Flowers part II

amylin with the roses; rene on the sofa; amylin's painting on the wall

Freegan Flowers

Freegan Flowers

Anu & Matt dumpster-dove some flowers yesterday!