skipping waste

skipping waste in french

Heeeeeeey y'all. hope life is flowin free and the lowlands not getting tooooo cold for everybody.

I have a question/favour. I know that french subtitles were made for the doco Skipping Waste - since they were sent to a french festival in belgium... but i've never seen a copy of the translated version. I have people asking me often for it, if they are french, or even just to use as an aid to translating into other languages.

does anyone know where this copy is? can we make it available on line, just like the english version?

thursday night dinner in istanbul

A few weeks before ever coming to Istanbul, I got a random e-mail from Mert there, who told me he had seen me dancing in Lily's dumpster-dive documentary, Skipping Waste.

freegan dinner istanbul

Skipping Waste Torrent

Dont you just love how much the casa connects? A fellow casaite has posted up skipping waste as a torrent for all to download to their hearts content.

Voila the link:

Big thanks to Sebastian! Will put it on the trashwiki site too. Thanks! x

Filming the dumpstering

Hey there lovely casa people...

I have been ridiculously slow on getting back to you guys about filming the dumpstering... but have finally made some brain space, so here i am!

I would love love love to come along with you, whoever, whenever, when you go, i would love to get as much footage as possible, ask questions to anyone who doesnt mind answering etc..