thursday night dinner

Thursday night dinner

Hey guys,

I was wondering if I could come by and cook on Thursday night! It would be the first time I would try to do this for a lot of people but then I am adaptable and like challenges, and have this feeling it will work out perfectly :). The only thing is, I can only come at half past 6 or so so have no time to dumpster-dive with you on Thursday(or do I?). SO, can I just come and cook whatever was found lying around? :)

Is there something I should know before embarking on this,except that the oven is a slow moving turtle? :)

Casa-Study on Dumpsterdiving :)

Since about 2 weeks (sorry slow in profile-making) have been often in and around the casa and together with all beautiful people in and out there: going for a few dumpsterdivingexpeditions, making pancakes and smoothies at pancake-sunday, cooking a slowfood vegan feastmeal on thursday, hanging out in the Zula, smoking on the balcony, having deep or not so deep talks and great laughs :)

36 people on Thursday!

As i looked around the room for one final head count i was filled with a sense of wonder as i realised the total had reached a record breaking 36 people. Not only had we managed to squeeze that amount of people into a two bedroom apartment but we had also managed to feed all of them from the dumpster. As the food we had spent all day preparing quickly disappeared and the satisfied smile of those who have been well fed crossed everyone's mouths i thought how incredible it is to live here and be around so many good people.

keep the donderdag dinners going

Some israeli and italian reciepes made love, giving birth to yet another thursday night dinner. Even Salame wanted to be a part of this ritual, so she gently took the bread off someone's plate.
Dumpsterdiving was quite lame today from my part. I tried the most eastern market in Amsterdam (towards javaplein) very unsuccessfully.
Wednesday dinner was not bad at all either: Giorgio came over with some premium shopping (couldn't expect less from him) and cooked some pasta capresse.

Thursday dinner - Adan going to Rotterdam soon?

While Giorgio plays "one" by U2, I will write this story about today.

Got up late, all of us, it was stupidly hot, like 32 during the afternoon.

thursday night dinner in istanbul

A few weeks before ever coming to Istanbul, I got a random e-mail from Mert there, who told me he had seen me dancing in Lily's dumpster-dive documentary, Skipping Waste.

freegan dinner istanbul

Dinner Nights with a Twist

I got to thinking the other day, the casa is full of diverse culture. Different backgrounds. In order to understand these people and the places that they consider there culture I want to make a proposal. People should be able to relate on all levels and establish a deeper connection through understanding with everyone that ventures through the casa.

The Proposal: Each Thursday night, we should have a themed night. Pick a place on the map randomly and base the dinner, music played, dress, stories, and anything else you want on the culture(s) of the area.

thursday night is dinner night

Every Thursday night is an open dinner. This Thursday I (amylin) will cook. Come around 8PM (20.00). If you'd like to bring something, bring a drink, or some fruit, or whatever (vegan please).