thursday night dinner in istanbul

A few weeks before ever coming to Istanbul, I got a random e-mail from Mert there, who told me he had seen me dancing in Lily's dumpster-dive documentary, Skipping Waste.

freegan dinner istanbul

Fast-forward: Last night, the two of us, now living across the street from each other, decided to cook a dumpster-doven dinner together and invite a few of our traveling friends over to share with us. We prepared a feast worthy of Turkish gods and gluttons: red lentil & paprika çorba, fresh herb & tomato salad, farfalle with sautéed zucchini, aubergine, mushroom, & pomodori sauce, and the only non-vegan (but freegan) menu item: savory fresh cucumber salad with tahini, mint, black pepper, and freegan yogurt (past the expiration date but unopened and fine for consumption). We invited a handful of traveling friends over to share with us, but for one reason or another, they all declined, leaving us with a romantic two-person table setting. Later in the night, Anick-Marie came with her new Turkish boyfriend, and the romantic two-person table-setting was re-installed for their dining pleasure.

sautéed vegetables, farfalle, cucumber salad

red lentil çorba

fresh herb salad

Nearly all of it was made possible by a very small catch from a grocery store nearby, who left a cardboard box of aging veggies outside on the curb on Wednesday evening. Mert and I have been playfully observing how the green markets in our neighborhood operate: as in, what gets discarded and when. At the moment, it seems random and spontaneous, and we just happen to be lucky enough to find stuff on the sidewalk sometimes that no one else is courageous (or audacious) enough to collect. Our hands, noses, tongues, and kitchens are rejoicing for these little freegan discoveries, and we await the future of organized dumpster diving in Istanbul, to re-create fantastic Thursday night dinners here.

chefs (the chefs, post-feast)


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small and cute: the world is plenty of people like that :P

hey my little favorite cute girl, good you send him here: his works look amazing and I will have someone to speak about cinema with... Do you know if he is coming back to Istanbul in the summer? I'm still planning to come to visit you but I also still need to find a mate for the journey... maybe he could be the one? I will leave Adam and Casa around middle of July... Can't wait to squeeze you again and I'm so happy of your re-born experience...
little barrels of love and hugs

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sending you a small cute turkish boy who speaks danish

i can't wait to see (and sniff) what the casa's been producing ! i'm so curious...

* * *

anyhow, i'm trying to lightfoot mert to casa. he is a small and cute package of a person. and he is organizing this film festival in detmold and then hitchhiking to denmark anyhow, sometime in june. so, i told him to also hitch to amsterdam and visit "the family". he's already somehow a part of mediamatic, anyway... (

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top food!

those photos are really great - showing a great dinner. happy that you find ways to dive for food in Istanbul :)

that fresh herb salad looks amazing by the way - am actually looking forward to see you cooking with the fresh herbs and veggies (mostly salad type of things) that we now also produce in the house ;)

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did you saved some for

did you saved some for me?
You can send it through the lightfoot sustainable post service.

TXS in advance