A shared experience

Recently we made a documentary about nomad bases. With the focus being in Berlin! And then we made a website to contain it as well, so you can share that!


The documentary G(F)ood Samaritans that are rescuing food from dumpsters in The Netherlands.

A documentary made by Eva Delincakova, already back in October last year. It was a fun, but as I wasn't really happy how I look in the video I held it back for a while ;-)

Spot the kitten!

Living With Less. Documentary with Casa people

Living with Less ("Leven met minder") is a short movie made to show alternatives to excessive consumption and is now broadcasted in Amsterdam for free. It features three story-lines, an organic farm, two professional sportsmen and casa divers.

You can see the movie in the center of the city at Leidseplein inside the restaurant in the Stadsschouwburg (the large building facing the square, see map)

skipping waste in french

Heeeeeeey y'all. hope life is flowin free and the lowlands not getting tooooo cold for everybody.

I have a question/favour. I know that french subtitles were made for the doco Skipping Waste - since they were sent to a french festival in belgium... but i've never seen a copy of the translated version. I have people asking me often for it, if they are french, or even just to use as an aid to translating into other languages.

does anyone know where this copy is? can we make it available on line, just like the english version?

Skipping Waste Torrent

Dont you just love how much the casa connects? A fellow casaite has posted up skipping waste as a torrent for all to download to their hearts content.

Voila the link:

Big thanks to Sebastian! Will put it on the trashwiki site too. Thanks! x

Subtitles for the fil-m

Yo ladies and gents...

So i just got a reply from the micronomics festival in Belgium saying they would love to screen it... and if i was going to be making a french version? I dont have the final cut raw data anymore (its on that harddrive at the casa) and dont really have the space/comp to do them anyway... but someone mentioned something about a website where you can just post the video and someone can choose to do it for you. Any other word/ideas on this? Cheers! x lily

Skipping Waste Documentary

Its up its up its up! Skipping waste is officialy ONLINE! Hoorah. Big thanks to mathieu and Kasper for helping me on this when my head was ready to explode. See for more info:


yeow! x lily

update on the filming... wanna help?

Hey there casa crew... ok so an update...

I found the perfect getaway hide out in Leiden... am now resting up there for a while i guess. Living with two beautiful guys in a squatted old pub, lots of diving, lots of food not bombs, lots of awesomeness....