Skipping Waste Documentary

Its up its up its up! Skipping waste is officialy ONLINE! Hoorah. Big thanks to mathieu and Kasper for helping me on this when my head was ready to explode. See for more info:


yeow! x lily

Film screening TOMORROW

Yo kids, so the film is pretty much finished... tomorrow night is definitely going to be happening. Anyone who wants to come along is welcome of course... it will be at my place at 'the couch' in leiden. My dutch number is 0611279203 so send me a text/call and ill work out how to find you/give you the address. Its right near central station so no hassles.

Cheers and hope to see some of you there! woot! x lil

Dumpster Film Screening 28th Feb

So... if i ever manage to leave the casa again, Ill be heading back to Leiden to finish my editing and get this show on the road. The 28th FEB, (SAT) will hopefully be the climactic event, screening at my place 'the couch' in central Leiden.

Come laugh at yourself singing and giggling 'dumpster dive, dumpster dive, come on take a dumpster dive with meeeeeeeeee'.

x lil