Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste

Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste... open to contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

This guy takes dumpster diving to a new level.

And turns a dumpster into a home.
If this catches on dumpster diving could accidentally turn into home invasion.

How Food Shapes our Cities

Also a great article on planet green about 50 ways to Never Waste Food Again

Art expo in Delft looking for help with dumpstered meal


We are putting on an Art expo June 20-21 at the Poppehuis squat in Delft and I want to put together a dumpster dived dinner saturday evening. I thought the folks that enjoy the casa's dumpstered dinner might be interested in helping. If so, let me know at [email protected]. Here is the info about the event:

Spread the word!!


Als Het Maar Beweegt is an art exhibition Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st at the Poppehuis, Delft!

Everyone is invited!

The expo at a glance:

Skipping Waste Documentary

Its up its up its up! Skipping waste is officialy ONLINE! Hoorah. Big thanks to mathieu and Kasper for helping me on this when my head was ready to explode. See for more info: skippingwaste.trashwiki.org


yeow! x lily