destiny? I don't believe in that

Well, so I got picked up by Dalma, a beautiful 24 year old with amazing mimic.
We go to the Budapest CS meeting, she goes to the bathroom, saying "make yourself some new friends" and who comes around the corner right after? Jeppe! Just incredible.

There is no way of living a false life correctly

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to my first post on! (anyone noticed I'm not used to blagging?)
When I left the casa in march, Robino invited me to post something, "people love to hear from you".
Now it took me so long that Robino even quit his new dayjob again in the meantime :)

Speaking of dayjobs, one reason for my late posting is that I'm doing a degree while working 20h per week which brings us back to the title.
Well, actually I think that there is no true life at all. Take that, Adorno!