Dumpster Film Screening 28th Feb

So... if i ever manage to leave the casa again, Ill be heading back to Leiden to finish my editing and get this show on the road. The 28th FEB, (SAT) will hopefully be the climactic event, screening at my place 'the couch' in central Leiden.

Come laugh at yourself singing and giggling 'dumpster dive, dumpster dive, come on take a dumpster dive with meeeeeeeeee'.

x lil


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Coming to Leiden!

o.k., I can still make it, hit the road, be in Nuerenberg later today and Leiden tomorrow. And how much I would love to be in Leiden by then and enjoy the video and all of you of course, I am traveling back South today instead of going Northwest. Somehow this trip ain't over yet, *I think the ending could be better*

Anyway, I hope at least some of the Am*dam people will head to Leiden on Saturday. It is just a 20 minute hitch from the end of Van Halenstraat and a short train ride from our station.

Enjoy the video-night, and when is the release in Am*dam? Let's beam it on the walls :)