It should be simple

we make it sound so complicated when its really not. When it comes down to it its whats right and wrong when someone throws out food they know its wrong they can feel it themselves but they do it because its normal. When people buy things they dont need to drive gas gussling cars they know its wrong but they do it anyway because it cool. I think that being a good citizen and helping the world change should be a simple task as it is. If when your doing it feels wrong then dont do it. its that simple.

Garbage Warrior

Guess this one slipped through the Chinese censorship:

Also, there might be a need for Alison's law skills in the future :D

Fight fire with fire

Hi peaceful people.

I started working for an environmental project and I need some contacts.

CasaRobino hosts its share of activists so I think I knock the right door.

The thing is called claimer.org. It's a rather simple concept:

  • They put up a form on their webpage for victims of natural disaster to report the damages to their property and cattle and crops and whatnot. The form is quite general and addresses pretty much all cases all around the world.