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Some things never change...

Every Guest a Host: Inside a Nomad-Base

Taking my break last winter I had quite some free time to float around and recap. So I also used my time to write for the article Every Guest a Host on what this casa is all about: What is it that makes me wanna do this, why do people like it so much, and what are the little things that make it a challenge to live here?

But more important, how do I find the right words to actually describe something that is so fluid, so creative and so dynamic? Is it possible? Well, let's say I got pretty far with this article and that for a large part it sums up at least how it feels.

Open Source Creativity - Hackerspaces

Public spaces are emerging where people congregate to share ideas, make cool projects, teach, and brainstorm with collaborators on everything from coding to cooking. With no leaders, they have one rule: "Be excellent to each other." Take a tour of the hackerspace Noisebridge, in San Francisco.

It should be simple

we make it sound so complicated when its really not. When it comes down to it its whats right and wrong when someone throws out food they know its wrong they can feel it themselves but they do it because its normal. When people buy things they dont need to drive gas gussling cars they know its wrong but they do it anyway because it cool. I think that being a good citizen and helping the world change should be a simple task as it is. If when your doing it feels wrong then dont do it. its that simple.

Gardening thing this weekend!

Hello there!

This weekend there is - besides the coming of some bald dude to casa - the construction of a nice pretty garden at SWOMP in A'dam! Under the flag of permaculture workalong weekend workshop thing, they want to make a vegetable & fruit circle!
More information on this here:

History of Art changes

Before history test for some reason i always forgot impressionist Renoir name. We have tests in couples so i told my partner that could she remember. She said jes, of course i remember.. its like car-mark. During the test it happened.. i forgot his name. And when i asked friend next to me.. she said Peugeot.
I it isnt it.. its sounds rong.. but she said.. jes-jes. Its correct.
Finally i still got to knew Renoir name. And we didnt write this new nintheen century painter, Peugeot, on the paper.


One day when i arrive home.. there have been birds in the room.. shit was everywere and also they had opened cookie-box. Jeps.. autumn is here.
Decided to start to feed birds. Its fun to look them sneak otherside the window. Also going to the sea or park.. white-bread with me.. cause i like birds.
Feed the birds!

Coming home

My long-awaited return has finally come. See you all at the casa in a few days...



How many casa robinettes does it take to change a lightbulb?