Open Source Creativity - Hackerspaces

Public spaces are emerging where people congregate to share ideas, make cool projects, teach, and brainstorm with collaborators on everything from coding to cooking. With no leaders, they have one rule: "Be excellent to each other." Take a tour of the hackerspace Noisebridge, in San Francisco.

Long-distance hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail

So, I didn't thru-hike the entire trail. Actually, I didn't even manage half of it. I got bored, got off trail, and started hitch-hiking. Since then, I've hitched up the west coast of the US, across half of California, all of Oregon, and again a quarter of Washington. I've met some awesome people, received some kick-downs of food and money (despite my protests), and been shown the kind of kindness and compassion which keeps me traveling in this way.