It should be simple

we make it sound so complicated when its really not. When it comes down to it its whats right and wrong when someone throws out food they know its wrong they can feel it themselves but they do it because its normal. When people buy things they dont need to drive gas gussling cars they know its wrong but they do it anyway because it cool. I think that being a good citizen and helping the world change should be a simple task as it is. If when your doing it feels wrong then dont do it. its that simple. When you take food out of the garbage after first making you sick that someone actually threw it away it gives a feeling of satisfaction that you are making the world better buy consuming whats produced. Making it complicated i think scares people away from the ideal of simple recycling and not consuming things that may have even killed someone to produce. This idea that you must be an expert in everything you do in this day and age that you must know everything about a subject to put in a word is rediculous. Just do what makes you feel good!I think the casa should be on a much grander scale and those who wish to learn all they can, can. Not saying at the casa itself but in a community where people can be themselves and slowly turned around with out being critisized. Can do what really makes them feel good always! I think those who have experienced the casa has been changed in one way or another and i guarantee for the better!

keep it up, keep it simple and people will respond :)


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good point

thats a good point. Um i can't say i dont have money. i personally grew up in a very stable environment with money that is. i cant say i wasnt going the other route of 65 hours a week work crazy binge weekends and miserable weeks. If you really step back to look at it your spending literally your whole life working for 9% of your free time. time is irreplaceable no? so this doesnt make much sense . I still think its easy but people are scared to make the change even the hippies that were free when younger but now is my father. I dont think everyone has to e a free loving hippie or even a dumpster diver. When i say do things that make them feel good i mean that should be doing something. Not just forgetting about everything they thought was rite originally just stepping out of the box and thinking independently. And i think if people act on there true feeling that make them feel good inside it would be a huge step for all of humanity in general not just specific sectors. This is a big problem in the word that we would like to change all at once but it wouldnt be sustainable if it happened like this. kind of like someone very over weight just crash dieting.
it has to happen almost naturally and i think the slow sustainable change of thinking for yourself is a less scary and broader aspect to clasp on to.

enjoyed your input!

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It's simple for you and me.

Try to think: what if you had a lot of money. Would you still dumpsterdive your food, refuse to buy new clothes, and hitch-hike rather than taking a train or a flight? I think the biggest challenge for us youngsters is to become old, have kids and all, but always sticking to the ideas and beliefs that made us so happy in our youth. It's faster and subtler than you think: you need some cash, you get yourself a job, thinking it's only until you've saved enough to do without it. But it's soon never enough; in the best scenario, you even like your job, end up working longer hours thinking you are doing it for you and not for your boss, get a promotion, a car, pay your mortgage, drive to the store, and so on. One day you're 40 and you wake up in the morning realizing that your life sucks because you've become a totally different person than you wanted to be. Will you be able to avoid this? How many former hippies and dreamers have you seen turning into capistalist monsters? Or even turning into your and your friends' parents? One day you're giving free hugs at Woodstock, the other day you're wearing a suite and a briefcase. To be swallowed up by the system's whirpool is much easier than you think, because they'll make you do these things little by little and you won't even notice the change.

This is not as simple as doing the things that make you feel good. It requires daily excercise: I want to think about the stuff that I do, and exactly because the rest of the world doesn't. Right now I'm working in a kitchen and I get mad at everyone throwing food (plus, we have organic food). I'm regarded as a weirdo, as someone with an African famine complex or something. But here in Norway "petrokroner" are flowing everywhere, and people grow up in an environment where massive waste is everywhere. I must admit that beside the way I was brought up, I started becoming concerned about a lot of such issues because I was concerned about my weekly budget. I am happy it happened that way, but I don't know how things would have turned out if I had had lots of cash.