The tubes that did snap - eventually

It's fully summer and we are enjoying many beautiful days, evenings and nights at the balcony. We take out pillows, set up tables and make it a real lounge. That's a really wonderful experience :)

One of the things we use to sit on is a chair that was made by using inner tubes from bikes-wheels. Last year in October Zsuzsanna made it, but 9 months later it snapped and the chair can't really be used anymore :/

So, if you're around, you can find instructions on how to fix it in last year's post. Enjoy!

Book recycling, books4life in Amsterdam

I finally made it to the Joho-travelshop today (to get a drill from Maarten to make more holes in our walls), and was staggered to see lots of second-hand books on the groundfloor.

Peaking through I discovered many good books in English and got ourselves a book about the creation of myths, a book on "how to teach to write", the history of green social movements in the West, yet another survival-guide and one of Hunter S. Thompson. All for just 9 euro.

Chair fixingsz

You have a broken chair? Then take a look at this photo for some new inspiration! A chair fixed with inner tubes. It sits very comfortably and your but doesn't get hurt, even when you sit on it for long. You don't need pillows either. If you sit on it, you feel like you're in a water-bed, up and down you go, nice and bounchy.

Just the day I got back home from my trip about a month ago, Zsuzsanna was inspiring me and many others by some simple but very creative action, fixing the broken chair by making a new base with inner tubes. Way to go. And even kitten likes it!

Garbage Warrior

Guess this one slipped through the Chinese censorship:

Also, there might be a need for Alison's law skills in the future :D