Garbage Warrior

Guess this one slipped through the Chinese censorship:

Also, there might be a need for Alison's law skills in the future :D


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Mawa Hata

has also really enjoyed this docu. thanks! very inspiring!

freya, josh & andre

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i <3 trash
(the ads are a bit annoying...)

some more potentially interesting movies

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two comments...

1. Almost any time he says "stupid" or "worthless," a better word would be "unsustainable."
2. The sad part is that, when he says the part about how his father saved mayonnaise jars, his tone implies that this is something abnormal and surprising. Come on, people! Mayonnaise jars are awesome! The Casa knows that...

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tire walls

Also, another vote for tire walls. They're really awesome. My family built one 100 meters long by about 4 meters high, sloping against the hillside to keep our house from falling down the hill. The best part is that the tires are often free if you can find a tire store with a trash bin... dumpster diving for popped tires! No wonder Casa Robino feels so much like home...

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an end has a start

Thanks for bringing this up!
It was a great alternative to my university classes today :]