To do

Casa Guidelines

    Guidelines for Sustainability

    * The house does not like dead animals nor fish (unless you are a kitten).
    * You take what you need and share what you want/can.
    * Once you are in the house, you share the house

    Be a host

    * As a guest, be a host. Welcome new people into the house
    * Open the door when the doorbell rings (and ask for their password).
    * Think of others first, before you think of yourself.

    Take Initiative

    * Collect, Cook, Clean, Create.
    * Create space by giving space.
    * Leave a useful contribution.

p.s. no great civilization has ever forgotten its past.

Casa Cleaning

The house is at its best when it is tidy and semi-organised. If you feel like something is dirty: clean it. Take your initiative, never anticipate. This especially counts for the living room, kitchen and bathroom. There are no obligations, just common courtesy. And whatever you do, enjoy doing it or leave it for another person who will.

Together we clean

  • It's common to take off your shoes at the entrance.
  • Hospitality works best when things are organised and clean. When the house is messy, it will be harder for people to find their way.
  • There are lists of daily, weekly and monthly "fun tasks" on toilet-door, to help keep the house nice and tidy.
  • Bathroom needs a scrub once in a while to keep bathroom tiles white and clean. Good boys sit down to pee.
  • The condition of the bathroom stays nicer when you dry it after shower

We love to Recycle

  • Most stuff can be brought right outside, any time. You can put the garbage-bags in the container in front of the house. If you see a bag full with trash, remind yourself to take it with you!
  • Plastic goes at corner of Bestevaerstraat and Jan van Galenstraat. Put plastic waste in a closed plastic bag.
  • Turn left, left, second right and you'll find recycling boxes for paper and glass. Another recycling box, also for cotton and clothes (put them in a closed bag) you'll find by turning right, walk 150 meters, next to the canal.
  • Glass with refund goes to the supermarkets: some beer bottles. Organic juice bottles go to the organic store.
  • Big trash and big electronical equipment can be put outside in front of the house, between the pavement and the tree from Monday's 9pm until Tuesday 10am.
  • Small chemical trash (batteries, paint) and some other related trash can be brought to a special car next to the recycling bins (turn right outside of the house) every third tuesday of the month 09.00 – 09.30


  • There are clean linens in almost every room. They are stored in the Barn and in the Slagroom. Do use them.
  • When you leave, it would be great if you can wash the linen or ask someone to take care of them
  • A room doesn't belong to anyone, you are using it. Help making each room you're using nicer for the next person who comes
  • Keep your own mess organised.

Dumpster Diving

There are several great spots for dumpster diving in the area, and we are always at the look-out for more. Log in to edit this information.

#1 Ten Kate Market
Get here between 4.30 and 5.00 pm. Look for the blue bins, sometimes behind the stalls, at other times already in the recycling center in the center of the market. Lots of great veggies and fruits you can find there. Don't be picky, but don't overload yourself either. Check

#2 Small Turkish Shop
After closing time, two bins are for us to go through. Turn left, left, 2nd right. At the end of the street on your right you'll find the shop. There is a bigger bin on your left in front of the exit, and a small bin around the corner in front of the entry. Pick-up day for trash seems to be wednesday-afternoon, so evening is often not a very good time.

#3 Albert Heijn
The Albert Heijns have their bin (grey container) outside at certain times. The one at the Kinkerstraat (close to the market) around 5pm. The one here at Jan van Galenstraat mostly around the same time, but we don't know the exact times yet. The Etos at the Van Galenstraat also has a nice bin (found 10 bottles of shampoo once) but exact time is missing.

#4 Bakery
Tuesday's and Friday's, from early morning till 11/12. A bin just outside their shop, turn left, left from the house. Croissants and flat-bread. Watch out for the meat inside the croissants, and be aware they can make you really fat!

Another option is the bread-factory just outside of Sloterdijk. Lots and lots of bread. Check the map at Trashwiki:

#5 Bos en Lommerstraat
A couple of small veggie-shops. They have their bins outside their doors during opening-times. Just have a look in them, sometimes the owner comes outside to give you some extra's.

At the end of the street, on your left there is a Dirk-supermarket, with a bin at the back. It is shared with the butcher and therefore full with meat, but sometimes you can find nice things such as beer. On Friday and Tuesday morning, more bins can be found here at the Uilenspiegelstraat.

#6 Jan van Galenstraat
Trash-days are Tuesday and Friday-morning. If you go early enough you will find trash-bins on the streets from the shops. Among other things we found shampoo and expensive curtains that we now use as pillow-sheets.

#7 Bike-parts
At the end of Jan van Galenstraat at the corner with Erasmusgracht, just after the park, the bike-shop next door dumps bicycle-parts for trash-collection on Wednesday-morning until early afternoon.

#8 Neighboorhoud Scavenging
On Monday nights people dump large trash on the streets in our neighboorhoud. Nice things can be found here, but be-aware of things we do not need ;-) For other areas around, check this useful map

#9 Urban Edibles
Food also grows in the Amsterdam nature. Head over Urban Edibles to find a map with resources where to find what and when.