Book recycling, books4life in Amsterdam

I finally made it to the Joho-travelshop today (to get a drill from Maarten to make more holes in our walls), and was staggered to see lots of second-hand books on the groundfloor.

Peaking through I discovered many good books in English and got ourselves a book about the creation of myths, a book on "how to teach to write", the history of green social movements in the West, yet another survival-guide and one of Hunter S. Thompson. All for just 9 euro.

Meeting people, sharing stories

Over the last two weeks I ended up meeting people with fairly different backgrounds.
"Louis" from Kurdistan, living in the parallel universe just next wall from casa, hosted our family last Thursday. To celebrate the event, we ate wine leaves stuffed with rice and meat, almost breaking the guideline number one of the casa (no death animals). I say almost because the few food left has been saved over the balcony and eaten there the next day.

Free the Books: Open Library this Friday

It has been suggested multiple times, so it actually becomes time that we organise an open library day. We have over 30 books that we already share among people that pass by the house, but this pile has grown so much lately that we don't have enough bookshelves anymore!

For this friday (which also happens to be my birthday - sweeet!) we'll have an open casa-day, especially for people who want a new book while traveling, who want to swap their book or who want to bring home-made cookies :)

New Books for the house

Today I ordered four new books that will come in handy. I just wanted to order one, but it saves on shipping and CO2 to order more at once. So, that's why. Here's the list and some links.

* Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today (link) (thanks Dante!)
* Toolbox for Sustainable City Living (link) (thanks Bonnie!)