Fight fire with fire

Hi peaceful people.

I started working for an environmental project and I need some contacts.

CasaRobino hosts its share of activists so I think I knock the right door.

The thing is called It's a rather simple concept:

  • They put up a form on their webpage for victims of natural disaster to report the damages to their property and cattle and crops and whatnot. The form is quite general and addresses pretty much all cases all around the world.
  • NGOs that work in relevant location adopt the form and make it available to the people that may want to report.
  • Since everyone uses the same form, the data is super easy to centralize. So they centralize it.
  • If it turns out that the disaster was caused, or contributed to, by some industrial or corporate interest, a massive lawsuit can be put up easily with 1000s of plaintiffs grouped together. Such assessments are possible with statistical methods.
  • The victims get retribution, the corporate bastard behaves himself in the future, I win, you win, America wins.

What I need to do is to get in touch with NGOs (or GOs after all) that are on-site, in places where the effects of climate change is already noticeable.

Any idea?


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"The lettering of the link must be the same size as the body text of the page. Users must also recognise the general GNU license for freeware."

This is absolute bollocks. But it's easy to fix. Freeware is not free software, which is meant here. And the license is the GNU General Public License.

And I can strongly advise to use alt attributes for the images in the menu. It's not just nice for blind people, it's essential if you want Googlebot to make sense of your site.

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Check the P2P foundation wiki

Check the P2P foundation wiki or directly ask Michel Bauwens.