Skip Diving Expedition Tomorrow (Saturday)?

Kind Ragamuffins,
As bicycle taxi work seems to take an eternity to begin, I would like to propose a skip diving day tomorrow (saturday 5th march) before my restless feet begin to burn holes in the ground..and I have a new new it scares me..a foolish decision, but a bike nonetheless..

According to word of a (somewhat confused) mouth, there are incredible bins to be found in Zaanstad. There are six possible targeted supermarkets in this area (of a particular chain) that supposedly throw away a whole lot of food including soy products, chocolate, cakes, sometimes alcohol..(today, coincidentally I found a five pack of beer at said supermarket bin..and nutella, sugar and cream..and a bag of apples!).
There's a chance we could find nothing..particularly in the day time. But, I've never been there, and a cycle ride would be appreciated..towards evening, there are a couple of markets worth checking out too, and the one closest to us is always always fantastic for fruits and vegetables..

Voila. Could I propose 1pm? If there are people that have never been diving before and are interested, come come come too! Just..having a bike is necessary, and bags.
Just leave a comment or turn up here around quarter to one.


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Jass, you rock, can´t wait to

Jass, you rock, can´t wait to hug you.
Why is the bike a foolish desicion? That cracks me up every time I read it.
What is zaanstad?

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Hiya Jass,
i rly feel bad now that im still in Southampton, but after u guys have been gonin DD, could u plz update trashwiki with a streetname and preferred times? Greetz, a big hug, and many thnx in advance....