From Thursday to Sunday

From Thursday to Sunday

It's almost spring, so time for some events! This Sunday and for the upcoming months: every 2nd and 4rd Sunday of the months casa will be open all afternoon for tea, bread-making & soup. Come early enough in the afternoon to learn how to make bread (based on sourdough), or at any other time to enjoy tea, a sunny balcony and great conversations.

Bring along your sense of humor, organic wheat flour or soja-flour, (ingredients for) bread-spreads and or veggies to cook soup with. Tea, bread-making skills, good company and space provided by the house. Bring along friends and people you think we should meet.

You want to come, but don't have the address? Contact us!


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end of open thursday's?

Interesting enough, I actually haven't made the decision yet about the Thursday's although I am mentioning "from thursday to sunday" in this post. Having had open dinners for two years on the Thursday night with I don't know how many people, I guess there is need to change but I will properly announce the death of the thursday night dinner soon, or else we will be continuing it.
And also, I forgot to mention here in this post the rich history we have for the Sunday already, the fact that we used to have a Sunday-special-event-day with the numerous pancake-Sundays we used to do last year winter. And those were great! So it might be more in that tradition anyway, than in the tradition of the Thursday. Or both, we just have to see :-)

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Fantastic! Think you could

Think you could explain the advantages / disadvantages of soy flour?

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It makes the bread much

It makes the bread much nicer! Heather mentioned it just a couple of days before she left that she used it to make her sourdough cake herself but that she could never find it here. Then in the organic shop at Haarlemmerdijk I found it (though not cheap...) a couple of days after she left.

So it helps making the bread rice nicer (same effect as white flour) and taste better. It really does do some nice tricks. The bread is so good right now!

But because I knew almost nothing of why and how and what, I checked it thanks to your question, here is some more info: And apparently it is really healthy!