From Thursday to Sunday

It's almost spring, so time for some events! This Sunday and for the upcoming months: every 2nd and 4rd Sunday of the months casa will be open all afternoon for tea, bread-making & soup. Come early enough in the afternoon to learn how to make bread (based on sourdough), or at any other time to enjoy tea, a sunny balcony and great conversations.

Bring along your sense of humor, organic wheat flour or soja-flour, (ingredients for) bread-spreads and or veggies to cook soup with. Tea, bread-making skills, good company and space provided by the house. Bring along friends and people you think we should meet.

The Free Tea BIG Surprise Party

Late afternoon, Friday and the doorbel rings. It is the mailman, "Hi, is this Casa Robino, I have a package for you". I feel surprised and wonder what it would be as I walk down to the front-door. The amazement grows tremendously as soon as I open the door and see the mailman with a GIANT package in his arms.

While walking back up, my excitement increases too. What could it be? What would be in it? While I slowly walk the stairs I check the box but there is nothing really on the square thing that reveals its contents; I can hardly wait to know and the curiosity grows even more.

Free Tea and Post

Just made it to Madison, after a journey down the west coast in the Free Tea Bus, Edna. My friend Guisepi serves free tea out of his school bus wherever he happens to be, and lives in it too. We decided to combine powers and do free tea and letter writing. Had some great participation, everyone writing letters and sipping hot liquids on winter evenings in Washington, Oregon and California. Lots of fun!

More stories and photos on freeteaparty.org Check out his website, it's beautiful :)

Love to you alllll!!!!


Bring tea!

We are slowly running out of our tea-supplies. We have numerous beautiful jars with special tea-labels, and a whole empty shelf for these tea-pots. So if you are coming by, and you're a tea-lover too, then you know what to do :)

brewing kombucha tea

I couldn't have carried the little mushroom jar to Istanbul-- my bags were packed full as it was, and the snow would have gotten the best of the nutrients stored within and killed or dulled all of them, so I left it at casa.

You, too, can seize the opportunity to take Kombucha powers into your own hands and brew this healthy fermented tea beverage! I already purchased a 2-liter glass container that will hold the fermenting batch (it just has to be sterilized first in boiling water for 20 minutes), and enough raw sugar to last a while.

The link below provides step-by-step instructions:

Pancake & Tea Sunday Begins,

To all concerned or unconcerned, & people who need sunday warmth; tea, pancakes and good or bad conversation -

URGENT - Kitten is running around spreading her legs to anything that moves...and keeps eating plants..So, we figure, it would be good to raise some funds for her to get sprayed (?), to calm down her hormones a wee bit..
Therefore, this sunday (first of the year at casa) we will be raising donations for none other than our constant host, miss kitten.

Pancakes, home made jams, a whole bunch of teas.
Come come come!

delicious delicious

Davide and I collaborated on a most delicious winter morning drink:
Chai Bomb; chai masala tea with a shot of espresso.

First, prepare an old-fashioned handmade espresso with the old steel machine.

Meanwhile, make your chai.
Boil water on the stovetop with a mixture of:
ginger, cinnamon, black tea leaves, nutmeg, cloves, 1 small dried peperoncino, sweet red pepper, and cardamom pods until dark.

Add (soya or rice, for vegans) milk to taste. Continue boiling.

Strain the chai mixture into a teapot.