sustainable hospitality

Great Hobonia

Great Hobonia is an independent country without any defined borders and without hierarchies or leaders. It is situated in the south end of the Balkans, and is circled by Greece. It aims to be a sustainable community of open-minded people, who choose to live a rural anarchist life. The number of inhabitants varies between 0 and 15. We have some infrastructure that we are working with and we are trying to improve what we already have and expand as and when necessary to reach the ultimate goal of complete self-sustainability.

Radical ways of living in Eastern Europe, Food Not Bombs and the politics of starving,

We've talked about this a lot and I wish I could have started one in A'dam with you all..hopefully will be beginning a new chapter in Sofia, Bulgaria..
BUT I found this that may be of interest to you all -

There seems to be many groups.
Will try to begin one here but fear that it will be extremely difficult. But many things of worth have this quality. Voila.

But more..I wanted to ask all of you for your thoughts ..
It's incredibly difficult to skip dive here. The gypsies and elderly get everything in an instant.