Great Hobonia

Great Hobonia

Great Hobonia is an independent country without any defined borders and without hierarchies or leaders. It is situated in the south end of the Balkans, and is circled by Greece. It aims to be a sustainable community of open-minded people, who choose to live a rural anarchist life. The number of inhabitants varies between 0 and 15. We have some infrastructure that we are working with and we are trying to improve what we already have and expand as and when necessary to reach the ultimate goal of complete self-sustainability. There is a bricks and mortar house, a similar warehouse, a total of 12 acres of land (of which we are only using 1 currently), 3 motor vehicles (2 that can be lived in), a caravan (that can be lived in), a shed, 3 bicycles and several parts for building more, a recording studio (still in boxes, waiting to be set up), way too many musical instruments, a workshop for vehicles, metalworking, woodworking, electronics, some basic farming equipment, firewood chopping equipment, and probably more that I'm forgetting. We mainly use wood for heating, we try to establish permaculture gardens, and retreat from all addictions of modern capitalist life. We don't have direct access to the internet, but there is internet access hotspots nearby for the recovering addicts. But we are working on having a HoboNet instead of the internet, kind of redesigning the whole concept so that it cannot be hijacked or censored.

We have experimented with many different ways of accepting guests or long-term residents, without too much success. We need a better way of filtering out people who are not yet ready to live that kind of life, or people who exploit what is on offer for their personal gain without any regard for community life.

At present we have a couchsurfing profile, which is less than ideal for that kind of thing, and we also use email a lot and face-to-face communication.

I thought that this might be of interest to many Casaists, so if you're interested, if you would like to know more, or if you would like to come over, please do contact me.


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thank you, jesus! i like the blog and will get in touch. much love to hobonia!

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Blog and visitors...

We have now started a blog for Great Hobonia.

We have also decided to handle all visitor requests by email: greathobonia at gmail com

If you want to visit Great Hobonia, or live here, please send us an email including a short description of yourself, what you do in your life, your past/ongoing/current projects, and your reason for wanting to come over. Please also tell us how you envisage your time in Great Hobonia. What do you expect to find here? What are you dreaming of doing here? How can you contribute to whatever is happening here?


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great you finally wrote an

great you finally wrote an article about the place on this page! i would really like to know more and am thinking about coming over in spring. are you still in berlin? i'd love to meet up if you like. much love!

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Should have done it long ago..

I should have written this a long time ago, but as always it is kind of hard to really describe this place. Pretty much in the same way that it is hard to describe the Casa to someone who has not been there. I'm always a bit worried of misrepresenting it...!

You're very welcome to come over. I have managed to escape from Berlin very recently, and after a relatively short but eventful drive across Europe, I am finally back in Great Hobonia, happier than I have been for a loooooooooong time.. I doubt I'm likely to leave this paradise again soon...

Are you in Berlin now? Take care! Lots of love!