Great Hobonia

Great Hobonia is an independent country without any defined borders and without hierarchies or leaders. It is situated in the south end of the Balkans, and is circled by Greece. It aims to be a sustainable community of open-minded people, who choose to live a rural anarchist life. The number of inhabitants varies between 0 and 15. We have some infrastructure that we are working with and we are trying to improve what we already have and expand as and when necessary to reach the ultimate goal of complete self-sustainability.

Community Tools: Bringing Communities Together

Great introduction video made by people involved in what we here sometimes call the "Talinn House".

They are currently in progress of making a website with tools (based on Drupal7) to enable communities to come more together. I am sure you will hear more about this later!

More info at

Lightfoot deputy badge

Just a badge template if you want to use it. Show THIS to a driver when you're hitchhiking...

Public Pasta Madre

You're in Morocco with your pasta madre. You've got friends - friends are easy to make down here - but they probably only have a toaster oven in their kitchen. That might suffice for a tiny loaf, but just around the corner, right in your neighborhood, is a magical building that's not only more appropriate for family-sized breads, but also much more social, more connecting.

The Moroccan public oven.

This place is great! And it couldn't exist without the draw of all the local families - truly a bastion of the community.

how to make soap

Ordering this little booklet on how to make soap and having it send to Amsterdam is costly but if anyone is in the US it would be great if we could have it lightfooted (also check the other booklet of the same author called "Make your Place".

The booklet would be great also in relation to what Jass wrote earlier about community projects & member integration

Moving onwards and developing

Dear Casa and all it's affiliates, facilitators and associates,

It has been a while and I have had very little time to play; how ever many of you have been kind enough to visit berlin and also writing me.

Never the less the reason I write to you is that something great might happen next year and that is the first community house in Dublin (at least to my knowledge, please correct me?) and I would like to invite you for contributions on:

Lightfoot in Italy

Making a Lightfoot Sustainable Post Box is easy. A cardboard box and a little creativity, put it in the right location, and it's almost done....

After that, it just needs letters.

Please write letters for the box! Imagine if the box is FULL of crazy artistic letters for all over the world - everyone will want to become a Lightfoot Deputy! Really, writing letters is equally important to delivering them.

So keep on writing! It's free and wonderful.

Write letters, connect communities.
Share your creativity, share your travels, share your space.
Protect our Earth!

Lightfoot at Rainbow

It wasn't raining, but the night was still cold and humid outside.
After the chants around the circle; after the celebration for our unity with the nature and our own soul; after having had the meal that 500 people cooked, serven and ate together, my friend and I repaired in the big white tee-pee.

It was late already and a silent, deep atmosphere welcomed us. In circle, people where talking about the future of the Rainbow

Lightfoot mission in Milan: community and freedom

With some delay I am going to share the Lightfoot mission almost accomplished in Milan in March.

I have been traveling in a non-sustainable way to get to Milan, arriving at crazy night hours. The beautiful thing about beautiful friends is that they share their beautiful connection with you, so I was staying with Anna Giulia for one night: just the time to rest before going to Gorizia.

The next morning, opening the window gave me thrills: sun outside and the noise of a city I did not know yet and it was already full of positive vibes.

Lightfoot Lessons

Ok, so there's a bit of info missing from the first post, and we're all so keen to get these letters on the road... so here is a little more info on ideas:

For now (as far as im aware) there is only one Lightfoot Sustainable Post Box, and thats at the casa.

- Make Your Own Box:
The ideal here is to have as many boxes in as many places as possible. If you would love to share your home/space and open it up as a Lightfoot Centre, that is one of the best ways you can help. Design a box, deck it out with the logo, and get all your friends to start writing!