Lightfoot at Rainbow

It wasn't raining, but the night was still cold and humid outside.
After the chants around the circle; after the celebration for our unity with the nature and our own soul; after having had the meal that 500 people cooked, serven and ate together, my friend and I repaired in the big white tee-pee.

It was late already and a silent, deep atmosphere welcomed us. In circle, people where talking about the future of the Rainbow

Where to hold it next year was the main question. But more important to me where the witness of what rainbow meant for some of the participant and where was it gonna go.

I was in a Vision Council, where the decisions are taken after debate and speeches. the talking stick was going around: someone didn't really wanna go to Moldovia, but to Finland; others wanted to limit the use of internet to communicate location and general info to the participants; one girl crying was telling what meant Rainbow in her life...

Finally, when only few members remained, the talking stick arrived to my side. I felt I had something to share. So , I explained.

This is my first time here and I arrived only 2 days ago. Still i want to share my vision for the future of Rainbow. Even if we will always have to compromise with modernity, I believe we should trust human relationship more than technology. I believe we should have a lightfoot post in every Rainbow meeting so that people can write handwritten letters to leave in the box and others can pick them up and create new connections.

So, I explained. Then questions rose: "Well, we will need a focalizer who has to take responsibility that all the letters will be delivered. And someone who will bring the letters to the next meeting..." and so on.

No focalizer, no organization: only a box with some instructions, in a visible place.

The night came and I left the talking stick with the sensation that an idea was spread. next year the Rainbow will take part in Finland... I wish a lightfoot box will be there and I hope me or some of us will be able to set it up...

mucho amor and letters Rainbow in Ukraine 2009: A place of peaceRainbow in Ukraine 2009: A place of peace


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this is so great to read! I am happy you spoke up and shared these ideas. I have also been talking with some people at the rainbow and after when I met up with some in Berlin, as in seeing these gatherings as a form of temporary (low-tech) nomad-bases.

And lightfoot itself would so easily fit in the concept of the rainbow, especially since there are so many gatherings in so many countries the whole year around (in Europe, from spring through autumn), and people travel after the rainbow to so many different places.

Funny to read how some (maybe one?) people responded by the way, commenting we need people to organise it and make sure all letter are being picked up... some instructions are enough indeed (especially some more explicit though for the last person to bring the mailbox/ remaining letters).

On the other hand, we did miss a great opportunity at 789, to make a 'nomadic lightfoot mailbox' and inspire people to write letters...