Lightfoot Lessons

Ok, so there's a bit of info missing from the first post, and we're all so keen to get these letters on the road... so here is a little more info on ideas:

For now (as far as im aware) there is only one Lightfoot Sustainable Post Box, and thats at the casa.

- Make Your Own Box:
The ideal here is to have as many boxes in as many places as possible. If you would love to share your home/space and open it up as a Lightfoot Centre, that is one of the best ways you can help. Design a box, deck it out with the logo, and get all your friends to start writing!
Pop a post up here with the location and wait for the flood of lightfooted hobo's brandishing scrolls of scribbles! This way letters can travel from Box to Box. Say a deputy is only going half the distance of the package, but will be passing a Lightfoot Post Box along the way... They drop it in to the new post centre where it will wait for the next deputy to finish it's journey. Be sure to have the Vow on hand, and get potential deputies to read through the ideas :)

- No Sustainable Post Box nearby? No place to build one?
If you don't have a location for a Post Box in your life, ask around. Maybe someone nearby is keen to set one up. Maybe there is already a nomadic centre that is just waiting to find a lightfoot way of transporting letters!
If there is no Lightfoot Post Box in your city, and nowhere to build one, the simple solution is to check online, find the nearest centre to you, jump on a bike and take a holiday! Make sure you bring a bunch of letters to pop in the box, and take any suitable ones back with you. Lightfoot Sustainable Post Boxes love visitors!

Hopefully soon Lightfoot will go online. There will be a list of all the boxes worldwide and a contact point if you need help. Anyone want to volunteer to set one up!?