Moving onwards and developing

Dear Casa and all it's affiliates, facilitators and associates,

It has been a while and I have had very little time to play; how ever many of you have been kind enough to visit berlin and also writing me.

Never the less the reason I write to you is that something great might happen next year and that is the first community house in Dublin (at least to my knowledge, please correct me?) and I would like to invite you for contributions on:

Boulder, USA, housing projects

A project happening in Boulder, Colorado.

The sixth room

Yesterday night was really hot and there were a lot of mosquitos.
so we decided to build the tent on the roof.
but then it got hot in the tent.

dear dumpster fairy

I've just moved to a place to be called home, and whereas basic furniture is there, I'm missing things to make it feel like a home. Here's a little wish list for the dumpster fairy (and hopefully her little helpers over at the casa ;)

* kitchenware: pan, pot, tray, oven mittens, glasses, mugs, plates, knives and so on
* lights: standalone lamps for ambiance, lamps you can attach on shelves etc, desk lights, reading lights
* zula creation: mattress, blankets (!!!), (just some more) pillows, some nice fabrics

Sleeping Policeman

Sleeping Policeman

A Work of Art

A Work of Art

A work of art by Amilyn that is currently hanging in the casa living room.