Lightfoot in Italy

Making a Lightfoot Sustainable Post Box is easy. A cardboard box and a little creativity, put it in the right location, and it's almost done....

After that, it just needs letters.

Please write letters for the box! Imagine if the box is FULL of crazy artistic letters for all over the world - everyone will want to become a Lightfoot Deputy! Really, writing letters is equally important to delivering them.

So keep on writing! It's free and wonderful.

Write letters, connect communities.
Share your creativity, share your travels, share your space.
Protect our Earth!

Choose the Lightfoot Way!

PS. There is a new Lightfoot box in Vicenza, Veneto, Italia. Multo bene!

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hey maga, well sure, my plans are pretty illusive at the moment... but i arrived in barcelona two days ago. Looking for a place to rest my hat and call home, for a month or two, and will be on the look at for a lightfoot box. I was thinking Can Masdeu would be a good place for one.

you heading this way?? xx lily

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Hi there,
may I know what are your plans concerning Bcn?
When do you arrive to Bcn??

I might be interested ;)


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perfect! And coming soon -

perfect! And coming soon - barcelona lightfoot box!

I hope its filling up with letters :) It surely is a beautiful one! photos?

Robin - i need some contacts so i can deliver like a good deputy :)

xx lily