Kitten: Everything Is Just Fine

Kitten: Everything Is Just Fine

It was a difficult day and a tough decision but we went ahead with it. Kitten was to be spayed, she was to have an operation to have her ovaries and uterus removed. Harsh as it is, it was the best thing to do as far we were able to judge.

We sat around the table several times leading up to the operation, to discuss if we wanted to go ahead or not. In the end, there were lots of reservations but we simply didn't want to run the risk of kitten getting more kittens. So we raised the money with Pancakes days and collected the 130 euro needed for the operation.

The D-day wasn't easy. Me and Shaun cycled Kitten to the hospital 3 hours before the operation and picked her up three hours later again. She was doing fine - the operation was a success and kitten behaved as always: everyone at the hospital loved her.

Bringing her back wasn't easy. She was dozed by narcosis and had a cone around her neck. The first night was the toughest but kitten didn't hesitate and instead of taking it easy she joined us while we had dinner and started walking around as much as she could, and even started jumping up and down chairs already. Her moonwalking became legendary, she was walking backwards and forwards, as she tried to find her way through the house.

A week later she was tired of the cone and got rid of it herself. It was a huge liberation - she ran around and up and down. We observed if she would touch her wound and stitches but she didn't and a week later - today - I brought her back to get her stitches removed.

She is happy now. She was stressed when we arrived at the hospital and she even escaped her little prison upon arrival but 10 minutes later we were on the bike again and as soon as we got home, she ran up all the stairs from way below.

Kitten is a happy kitten again. She didn't loose much of her character. She has become sweeter (she is attacking people less) and somewhat quieter, but she still plays, hunts and runs.


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Yay Kitten!

glad to hear it went well

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give her a kiss for me!

give her a nice kiss on the lips for me:P