We found kitten! ...

You all know how hard it used to be to leave the casa.. but even us, we finally managed! After two years of not leaving the house to travel, we finally left with baby and all to Mexico. Here we are for at least half a year.

Much to our surprise though we met up with kitten just today. We went to see a friend in their house here in San Cristobal de las Casas and there she was! In full glory, kitten's much less evil twin sister.. haha.

street spirit

Almost exactly 4 days on the road, 16 lifts, the last bringing me 2 metro stations from my place and I'm finally back in Berlin. Lisa and I left the road only for sleeping (and once for having a water melon with fellow hitchhikers). Thanks to everyone who made this a family meeting and especially to Viera, Lisa, Valentina, Sarah, Matt, Shaun, Triin and Tyler for preserving the spirit on my trip home.