Bibi on the Road

Yo. That was fun. Baby's on the road. Coming for a visit. Great playing. Not even fighting. There were enough cars to play with :-)

Read the story and more bibi adverntures on the road at

Let me out!

There is no getting out of that place! It's the second time I fail hitch-hiking away from Amsterdam! And this time it was a freaking masquerade...

First gas station. Walking distance from the tram.

4 people on the road

Four friends left hitchhiking and one just got stranded hopelessly (again). Guess who? Sitarane first send me a weird txt: "Just left the station (2h!). Two guys from Hamburg wanted 200 euro for the trip and a woman convinced them to take me for free. And gave me 20 euro... What?" And now he just called. The guys dropped him somewhere at the airport, which is in the other direction and just before it is getting dark now, Julien still wants to make it back to Hamburg... How would the others be making it Today? Fleur to Metz, and Marc and Kasya South to Eindhoven...

hitchhikers all along

While Kasper made it to Jerusalem in no more than twelve days of hitchhiking, Kadry (a friend of Marc who is arriving tomorrow but sitting next to Kasper yesterday) hitched from Estonia to Amsterdam in 4 days, with only 5 rides. Around the same night of her arrival, Lena and Kardan were stuck in some random toilet in a German petrol station.