lightning strikes the postman :)
What about a map with post boxes on city level (like on hitchwiki... :) and some more structured information?
I have no time for that in the foreseeable future.. :/ Anyone else?


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The end justifies the means.

If this is getting somewhere, I can put A records in place, change the nameserver altogether or even make it available for domain transfer via a web interface, just let me know.
I could also host it in theory but I bet you don't want that: my current server is built completely from used parts I got for free, including a professional RAID controller with server hard disks, but it's awfully slow.

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the funny & interesting thing

the funny & interesting thing is that we already had registered and and when I saw yours I thought it was the same one ;)

I am still not sure which name is the best, I registered it when I was with Charlie and Lily in Italy and we decided upon mail instead of post... but we can always settle with a name later.

In terms of hosting, there is enough space available on the solar powered web server casarobino is hosted on.

But we can also use one url for maps and another for a drupal or ruby website, depending on who wants to build what.

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isnt it possible to add a

isnt it possible to add a special image in hitchwiki?
wouldn't it be great to merge projects like hitchwiki, lightfoot, dumpster dive and nomad bases in one map with different layers?

i don't have the skills for this, but maybe someone's reading it and feels inspired :P


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well, we do have a lightfoot

well, we do have a lightfoot website pending (great you found that url Ben!), and a lot of ideas like an integrated map. I was thinking about setting it up sometime in the coming months. But if someone feels like doing this, and has a good idea of what you're doing, then let me know! Maybe yet another thing to discuss also during the nomad conference in Berlin...