Website should be more fixed now

Managed to fix a bug and now the website is back running almost normally, but we lost a few frontpage stories. They are still in the casa but not promoted to the frontpage anymore so lets fill it up!

Bike List

New feature on - we now have a list of bicycles including details of the bike, whether they are working or not and who currently has the keys. The bikelist is at and you can add more bicycles to the list by clicking 'Share->Bicycle' on the menu at the top of the page or visiting

Creative Communists

While moving the house guidelines from Hitchwiki over here I figured that we forgot something important (well, the license). Since we're all creative communists anyway who all agreed to the terms of use by entering la Casa the central committee has decided to quickly move the license of content on this website to CC-BY-SA. Marc?

New theme for

In case you hadn't noticed, has a new theme! Tell us what you think of it by voting in the poll at and/or leaving comments on this thread. As usual, all comments,suggestions and criticisms are welcome

Every new story is now twittered....

Twitter integration has come to casa robino and every new story will be posted on the twitter feed at

Casa Robino Wiki is open...

Access the wiki at

The IRC room is now accessible through

The IRC chat has been moved to the freenode network and its now accessible through the website at

See you in there :)

web improvements

heyo! I was thinking it would really cool if we had a better photo gallery on the website.
Maybe one organized somewhat like a calendar, so that when we click on a day, or week etc. we get to see the pictures taken in that time frame. also good to keep track of guests/hosts !
what do you computer-science-gurus think ??


Drupal is so easy to configure, whatever you want is basically possible. So Kasper added some free-tagging the other day, and now I created new tag-lines as primary links above the content. It ain't perfect yet, but it will sure help to organise this site while it is growing, and to separate different topics from each-other.

apache -> nginx

I moved the server to nginx. I also added a decent expires header and more gzip encoding. (and trashwiki) should now be a lot faster. There might be some glitches here and there. Just let me know.